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is there such thing as eating too few points?

Mumma K

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yes it could do, it could slow down your weight loss as your body could go into what they call starvation mode the body thinks its not getting enough fuel so shuts down in effect and stops burning calories and holding on to the fat reserves
Saving the odd 4 points here and there isn't going to hurt but continually going 6 points under could cause you a few problems later


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Fair enough. :( i just dont get that hungry... :( i thought atleast its getting some fuel 3 times a day it'll keep my metabolism going... i understand going for long periods of time with out food could be a problem.


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I'm pretty new to weight watchers myself and rely on a lot of advice from my sister in law who's been a follower for years.
From what she says your advised to eat most of your daily points allowance if not all as it could slow down your weight loss and you may not be nourishing yourself otherwise.
It's fine to save a few points each day if there's something coming up (a meal, party, night out etc) that you would like to save your points for and enjoy yourself but it's not recomended to do it all the time.
Perhaps you could up your daily points by just adding in a couple of snacks everyday such as a yoghurt, piece of fruit, cereal bar, handful of nuts or your fav sweet/crisps as a treat :)

Hope this helps, Stacey x


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yeah i ate three ww lemon slices today to make them up a bit, lol. i have an exam tomorrow tho so im saving four because my mum always makes me a big lunch/breakfast to "set me up for the exam" lol


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How about using the fuller fat versions of things - not the diet versions like a slightly less diet version of margerine on your toast, using non diet bread for your toast and perhaps use less 0 point veg in your meals. This way your points will be upped but you won't be forcing yourself to overeat.

I heard (mainly from this website and another WW board) that it is important to try and eat all your points and not routinely go under unless your saving your points to be used at the end of your week. I think there is a thread about it somewhere I'll look it up for you, it might increase your loss's short term but you might reach a plateau earlier and have to rely on less and less points in order to lose weight.



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I agree with the others hun. You need your points to maintain a healthy weight loss. AS other have said try adding maybe a treat a day or higher fat versions of things for now. Youd be surprised how quick itll all add up for ya :)


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WW say that NOONE regardless of their weight should eat less than 14 points a day.

Why are you eating so little??? 20 points isnt a lot if you have 4 or 5 for breakfast 4 or 5 for lunch and areasonable dinner youll still have a couple for a biccie with your coffee, or a glass of wine.

If you dont eat your allowance you could very well end up gaining more weight - not losing it. Dont fall into the 'eating less means losing more' trap - its NOT the case x


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because i usually have 1.5 for breakfast , ( 2 slices ww toast and cheese spread) at lunch u usually have fish which is only 3.5 points and veg with it. and at dinner i usually make a curry which is around 6.5 points, with rice. and maybe a cake after.

thats only 12.5 points. i'll have a bigger breakfast from now on.


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Seriously that is a dangerously low amount to eat. Not only will you make yourself ill, youll end up gaining wait as your body will go into starvation mode.

Give up the WW bread, get something like Warburtons toastie. Have butter or a full fat cheese spread on it. Have something more filling with the fish, or have a WW dessert or something with it.

Are you sure the curry and rice is only 6.5??? How much rice are you having or is it a ready meal type?? :)


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Well personally I don't believe you have to eat ALL of your points, buts thats really very very little you are having hon. Perhaps your appetite is low due to exam stress? I think its ok to save 1 or 2 a day some days, but I don't reckon its a good idea to eat below that regularly.

Rather than adding in more cakes, desserts etc - if thats not your thing - then have fruit and yoghurt.

As above, changing from ww bread to normal bread would be a fab start.

Why not have 2 slices of normal bread, and 2 cheese triangles - that would be about 3.5? Then maybe a muller yoghurt and a piece of fruit to make it up to 5 points.

Fish is a very healthy and filling food, so thats a fab lunch. But maybe you could add a small baked potato, or portion of cous cous - its so handy to prepare! You could then spend maybe 5 or 6 points on lunch, and of course your veg would be free.

WW do a lovely little garlic naan bread, something like that may be good with your dinner to add 1.5 points.

That would bring your daily total to 18 or 19, which leave you enough for one of those ww cake slices in the evening.

I would worry that you will burn yourself out eating so little whilst trying to cope with exams.

I wish you all the best with your exams and of course your weight loss xx


Can't w8 2 b "Dr.WMBB" :)
Yeah the curry is 6.5 pts. This is for thai green curry.

Ingredients. Serves 4
· Tesco Red curry sauce-320g 10pts
· 430g Tesco healthy living turkey stir fry strips/diced -7pts
· Broccoli 0pts
· Spinach 0pts
· Carrot 0pts
· Courgette 0pts
· 200g rice 8pts

1. Boil broccoli, carrots and rice.
2. Cook chicken
3. Add sauce and courgette
its 6.25pts per serving with the tesco red curry sauce, 6.5 with the green.

I'll add the nann bread, i always forget about those! its probably exam stress to be honest. but i have had one exam to day and feel so relieved that it went well :)

Thankyou for your help guys.