Is this a bad day?

Discussion in 'Lipotrim Forum' started by missy32uk, 13 November 2007 Social URL.

  1. missy32uk

    missy32uk Member

    I thought I was doing well, and to be fair I am doing ok really happy abut weight loss, but think this might be my first real bad and down day. I also missed my first shake today.
    I craved chocolate earlier on in the day, which I think Sparkles said she was also I din't feel just as I am craving everything and anything!
    I told my husband when I was making my coffee about how I was feeling, and I said that I was wanting anything...he said I had to go upstairs and look in the mirror, and see the weight that I had lost in the past nine days as it was noticeable.
    Did feel better, but still craving anything.
    I know I can't but it doesn't stop me wanting it.:sigh:
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  3. Sparkles*

    Sparkles* Full Member

    Cambridge Diet
    Hey Missy

    I totally agree with ya it must be one of those days... I was just making myself a cuppa and was
    soooo tempted to stuff a choc biscuit in my gob.. but I didnt I remembered how guilty I felt
    when i cheated at the weekend.

    Thank god the day is just over hopefully tomorrow wont be as bad...

    Chin up
  4. missy32uk

    missy32uk Member

    It was a rough start to the day and would have been quite happy to pull the sheets over my head and stay in bed, I didn't .
    Got to work, and started drinking loads of water and by about 11 I felt a lot better, weighed myself and scales say I have lost 3 pounds so that mede me feel a lot better too.:)
  5. JJ811

    JJ811 Member

    trust me i felt like that loads of times i used to lay in bed of a night and all i could think about was foods that i loved, but honestly when you get to the end you will feel so proud of yourself, i feel guilty even know if i want somthing bad and when i dont have it it makes me feel good, stick in there.....
  6. Rosie Ju

    Rosie Ju Member

    I think we all have to have a bad day here or there, to help remind us when we're having a good day and to make the weight loss each week feel like we've really worked for it.

    My first seven days were sheer hell, but day 8 and 9 have been gerat and i've finally got that feel good factor.

    Stay positive and start every day afresh.

    As my mother says "Rome wasn't built in a day and it can't be knocked down in one either" (yes, my mother is quite strange!!)
  7. ravenbeauty5

    ravenbeauty5 Keep smiling

    Very wise words from your mother there Rosie !! LOL My mum says that too!!
  8. Shazpaz

    Shazpaz Regular Member

    South Beach
    I shall add that quote onto my ever growing list, to throw at my daughter when she gets
  9. dolphin

    dolphin Full Member

    tommorrow is a new day girls
  10. missy32uk

    missy32uk Member

    Feel much better now, thanks xx
  11. Sparkles*

    Sparkles* Full Member

    Cambridge Diet
    Me to thank god!!!:)
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