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Is this a normal standard price for one shake?

Hi, i am starting the CD SS on Saturday, but i am very confused. I have tried this diet once before and the shakes really wasn't as expensive as i am being charged now. She is charging me £2.20 per shake, so £46 approx a week. When i tried this diet before, i was only paying £30 a week. Is this normal? Are you all paying this much for the shakes? Thank you in advance.
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my cdc sells bars, soups and shakes all for £2. costs me £42 a week


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I pay £1.80 for shakes and £2.00 for bars and tetras


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Mine are £1.95 for everything except bars, which are £2.10


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Mine will be £1.85 for shakes/soups/porridge. £2.05 for bars.


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The VAT is the issue - if someone is VAT registered and over the threshold they have to work out what to do with the extra 20% they have to charge (which from memory - correct me if I'm wrong, someone, means they have to be turning over £70k a year so you can work out how sorry you feel for them ;) ). You can either shop around for a CDC who charges 2 quid a foodpack or less and hope that eventually that CDC gets the message about her prices.
I pay £2 for shakes/soups and £2.20 for bars and tetras. I normally spend £43/£44 a week so not much difference really.
I have 14 briks and 7 bars which comes to £45 a week.


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I have 14 Tetras and 7 bars @ £42.00


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I pay £1.85 for packets and £2.10 for tetras and bars, I average out about £42 a week.

However my mate, she gets any 21 products for £28 and each individual thing for £2.00. And she comes to you!

I like my CDC so am willing to pay the extra for her cracking support!
£1.80 per pack across the board!!!! doesnt matter what i take tetra or powder shakes.....guess am the lucky one i all this...x
I also love my CDC so dont mind paying a little extra :)

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