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Is this a really stupid question to ask?


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Before I :eek: myself let me tell you the story first.

I am on day 11 of being 100%:D, and on day 4 I was in ketosis, and my breath proved that :eek: anyway a few days after this (day 8)I noticed that my breath didn't smell at all.

I was worried that I might have somehow come out of ketosis? not sure if that possible when sticking to the diet 100%.

For the past few days I have been feeling really hungry, and very tired, and suprise suprise I woke this morning to find I had my period, which explains why I was feeling crap. But now my breath has gone back to being bad as it was when I first went into ketosis :mad: :eek:

So.....now for my stupid question!!

Is it possible that I did come out of ketosis for a few days before my period started?

Thanks :) xx
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It would be unlikely... did you drink more, because oten if i drink more water it helps keep the 'breath' away. Unless you ate something i think it would be pretty much impossible to come out of Ketosis.
Hey, the same thing happened to me as far as the breath goes. I didn't ask anything cos I thought I was just being paranoid. But yeah my breath was ok for a few days and then went back to being bad. Atm it's ok again. It might be something to do with drinking water as the poster above said, but I don't really know so I'm just gonna roll with it because I still had a good loss in the 2nd week when all that happened. Good luck x
I asked my chemist about how long you are likely to have the bad breath/taste problem... she said it can be a just a few days up to about 10 days. Just because the problem has stopped doesnt mean you have come out of ketosis :) She said the Listerine mouthwash helps (which I use anyway). Hopefully once your period has gone, things will settle down again.

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