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Is this achievable??

If I can lose an average of 1½lb a week between now and my holiday, I should be 21lbs lighter, which surely should be a dress size, or maybe a dress size and a half!?!?

Question is, do you think that's an achievable amount to lose each week (or should I say, on average over the weeks).

J x

PS/ I put on half a lb at WI last night, totally deserved!
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Thanks Kristin .... we're only doing a cheap and cheerful to Tenerife for 10 days, but its our only holiday this year so am reeeaaally looking forward to it, plus its our 5 yr wedding anni whilst we're away (my initial goal was to get back to my original wedding weight in time for our anni but at 3st to lose, that isn't going to happen, but if I can pull off the 1½ lb a week and keep going, then I 'could' be there by Crimbo - yaaaay).

I think I'd be happy to just be a size down for the holiday tbh soooo anything else is a bonus. Jx
That is achievable keep believing in yourself and how slinkier you will be on holiday:p. I would suggest doing some extra exercise (or if you do already sticking with it), lots of toning can help you get to smaller sizes even if the scales don't reflect it. My advice would be to buy one out fit that is in a smaller size (try it on to make sure it is too tight, you know how rubbish sizes are!!) then try it on every week till it fits :D.
Thanks CN ... good idea about a smaller outfit .... I have some 14's hidden away in the loft already actually (from when I lost weight for my wedding).

I'll have a root round this weekend .... then again, I might just splash out a bit and buy something new so I'll get excited about fitting into it. (size 14's, 5 yrs out of date might not just 'do it' for me) lol



I will succeed!!!
Hey -

Yes 1.5lbs a week is achievable :)

I'm aiming for 1.5-2 a week and it's surprising how much having a weekly goal is driving me.

Also, I find it's helping me stay focused and positive. Instead of worrying about the whole loss (in my case another 25.5lbs) it feels better to see it in smaller amounts as mini goals.

Good luck - keep us posted (no pun intended) on the progress.

C x
Thanks Sticky, I'm hoping it will keep me focused, like you say, on mini-goals instead of the bigger picture.... cos that's just scary! lol


PS/ What's SW version 2?


I will succeed!!!
Thanks Sticky, I'm hoping it will keep me focused, like you say, on mini-goals instead of the bigger picture.... cos that's just scary! lol


PS/ What's SW version 2?

Oh that's just a personal joke hehe. I started SW back late last year and was doing ok but lost motivation and the nights of the group meeting became no-good for me. So I re-joined a more local (newer) group 4 weeks ago and had 3rd weigh-in on Tuesday night. I've lost 13.5lbs so far, but 5.5 on my second time hehe.

Stay happy xxx


Starting Again!
It is totally achievable! Go for it girl! I have an outfit that I try on every week before WI and see if the trousers do up and the top will fit and when it does I shall find something smaller!

Good luck to you hun, and have a fabulous holiday when you're away xxxx

And good luck to everyone on the "1.5lbs a week challenge" :p

Natt xxx
RazzleDazzle - i'm aiming for an average of 2lbs a week as i re-joined last week and only lost 0.5lb (had been VERY naughty) so bought a 12 week countdown as needed to get back on track and thought this would help.

My consultant encouraged me to go for 2lbs a week, which will be 1st 10lbs by the 18th August- hopefully a dress size down. We go on Holiday to Cyprus in October so i'm going to buy another countdown after this one and then set another interim target.

I want to lose about 4.5 stone in total, we are getting married in Rhodes next July so i'm hoping to be somewhere near by then.

Good Luck xx
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Oooh thats a good idea, I might look at buying a countdown next week as that will end just around the time of our jollies!!

A wedding is fantastic motivation to lose weight, I got to within 1½ lb of my goal weight the week before we flew off for our wedding, unfortunately we travelled on my weigh-in day meaning I couldn't get weighed - I reckon I'd have reached goal that day (well I certainly did on my scales at home) if I'd had time to weigh officially! Best of luck with it.

Thanks Jx

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