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is this cheating?

A lady at our group has lost loads of weight and always wins slimmer of the week and the month. Everyone is so proud of her even the SWC. But she told me she is on weight lose pills from the doctors !!.
Is that allowed or does it qualify as cheating??
I'm just wondering cos I'm and all the others are working our asses off for this
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Heh it's a bit of a double-edged thing. It's not quite fair that she gets Slimmer of the Week all the time, with the pills advantage I'd be more inclined to say she shouldn't qualify, like you didn't used to on your first week as you'd usually be guaranteed a high loss.

On the other hand it's good that she's adopting a sensible diet plan combined with the weight loss tablets - I assume she's got them prescribed from the doctors though rather than bought off the internet!


Is so very nearly there!
Oh I would personally see that as cheating and would have the raving hump if was you!

My friend was on pills and lost a few stone - adopted no eating plan so weight went bk on so in a way least she changing diet too but I think cheating def! x
I'd be a bit miffed too if it were someone in our class. I don't mind anyone getting slimmer of the week when they deserve it, but if it's a regular occurance and she's on pills to boost the loss, it's not fair on those that are sticking to the plan without any extra aids.

Maybe have a quiet word in your consultants ear? can you email her? yes this lady is doing well by losing the weight, but so are the other members


I ate my willpower!
There is a bloke that goes to our group and his losses are amazing. He does loads of exercise as well though, but the weight is falling off him. Everyone is relieved when he isn't in because they have a chance of getting SOW. He is a lovely man though.

If I knew someones weightloss was down to pills I would class that as cheating but I would worry that it would be a bit "sour grapes" if you said anything? It's a hard call to make really. I agree with the others that a quiet word in the consultants ear may help. It also depends on if the consultant knows she is on the pills cos she might not know.


want to be me again ...
This is most definatly wrong ..after all this is slimming world sensible eating plan for life ..not a lose weight fast fix !!! she should come clean and use the class for sensible eating habits but not take the glory that we all work hard for ....
well done on your weight loss so far slack alice xxxx
Aww if i was her i would've kept quiet about the pills, now she's let the cat out the bag she's come across as a bit of a 'cheat'...
I got slimmer of the week this week and was over the moon about it ...it really boosts your confidence.
Its not on one person getting it everyweek when the loss is not due to SW its that along with the added help of slimming pills....
I hope that the consultant doesn't know because it wouldnt look good on her if she did!
athletes are banned when theyre found to be taking pills to help them run faster, so should slimmers. Shame on them, the things some folk do to boost there self ego, doesnt say alot about em in my eyes.
If i was taking pills and losing the weight at least ide own up and tell em to give it to someone else.
slimming world is a plan to help people lose weight by eating sensibly. Prescribed weight loss pills simply stop your body from absorbing and retaining fat. As long as this lady is sticking to the sw plan then she would probably still be having the same losses!

I object to the fact you are all so quick to judge, like somebody said SW is not a competition. I do not think she is cheating, i simply think she is doing her best to lose weight just like you all are.

I don't follow the SW plan anymore but i did 12months ago, and i certainly wouldn't have objected to somebody using pills alongside the diet.

What is stopping you from asking your Gp for pills? She doesn't have an unfair advantage, her GP deemed her suitable for these pills, as would yours if you needed them. When prescribed them she was probably told to follow a healthy eating plan which she is.

I think this post has a slight touch of green eyes!
'As long as this lady is sticking to the sw plan then she would probably still be having the same losses!'

My reply-
Then what is the point of taking tablets if her losses are 'probably' going to be the same whether she takes them or not.

Im not jealous, i just feel for those in the class who are doing well but are not being rewarded with the odd SOTW.

I know someone who is on slimming pills, follows no plan what-so-ever and looses weight every week. At least this women is attempting to follow a healthy eating plan! Well done to her.

However i still think the rewards should be dished out fairly!


want to be me again ...
I dont agree trim T . We all are trying to lose weight in whatever way we find is helpful to us personally ..ok if taking pills is helping her thats fine but she must come clean and tell her councillor that she is..after all why hide the fact anyway??
Sw is a eating plan for life and those awards are hard earned and something to be very proud of ..just as athletes taking pills to aid them is cheating so is this in my opinion...and certainly not a case of green eyes !
There could be 10 people in that class taking pills, who choose not to disclose it!
This person could be working just as hard as everyone else or maybe harder, My intention wasn't to cause tension in this thread I just think that people can be too quick to judge. Those awards may be the only thing that keep her on track. I wish her luck with her weight loss journey............. just as i wish all of you luck

Gillybeans, nobody said that her SWC doesn't know.... maybe she is aware!
maybe the topic could be raised at somebody elses meeting in a purely hypothetical manner??

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