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Is this diet real? Can i have pizza and burgers on an upday?


I was on this diet for 4 days before having a massive Easter binge (which I'm still on shhhhhh! lol) but had been doing a lot of walking with no changes to my diet for about a week beforehand, and I lost 8lbs - I'm not sure how much of this was down to JUDDD but I think it does work, it's hard to stick to the 500cals on down days though. My advice would be to try and have down days on days u will be busy so you arent tempted to fill time by eating - I'm hoping to restart on a down day tomorrow as I need to go to town etc and run errands all day.

As for eating pizza and burgers - yes you can!!! :D :D :D :D

Just don't go mental and intentionally overeat - try to have 2500cals max on updays


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Wow! Thats great! I'm in love with this diet already!

So as long as I take the dogs for a walk each day and every other day I have no more then 500cals I'm going to lose weight!
This seems a dream compared to just three shakes a day!
Are there any other restrictions?
And what is the normal weekly loss?
The diet site recommends that you have diet products like shakes and bars to be sure of the exact calories you eat on down days for the first 2 weeks (induction stage) but to be honest I think this is a bit overkill! I just counted calories so things like tins of soup and fresh fruit is fine. After the 2 weeks ur "allowed" to eat "normal" food on down days but I reckon u should do this from the start anyway lol The 2 week induction is meant to switch on a metabolism fat-burning gene or something, that's why they try to be strict on calories but as long as ur sensible it doesnt really matter what u eat. On my very first down day I ate 2 bites of a doughnut, a tin of soup and 3 rich tea biscuits lol Like I said though, its better to eat healthy stuff as it fills u up for longer.

As for normal weekly loss I'm not sure and all the threads on here have been dead for ages! So there's no 1 to ask but me and MsJMC have been giving JUDDD a go together :)

But in theory, there's 3500 calories in a pound of fat, so u need to burn 3500 more calories than u eat to lose a pound........ sooooooo

If, during a week u have down days on Mon, Weds, Fri and Sunday, there is a 8000 calorie deficit (as you eat 2000 more calories on up days). So, eating 8000 calories less than normal (based on a 2500cals a day diet) would mean u lose a minimum of 2lbs, but I think it's more likely to be 3-4 depending on how big u are to start with. Ah I forgot how much I hated maths :D I think this is right but don't quote me!

Another thing to note is that you shouldn't run 2 down days together, as the bodies "starvation" gene kicks in after 48hours so will hold on to all ur fat if it thinks it wont get fed much. Plus, knowing an up day is never more than 24hrs away is really good - cuz u know u can have something youve got ur eye on eventually :) Because of this though, when an up day does come around, ur craving has normally passed so u dont want to eat the naughty thing u wanted in the first place


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Wow I really am soo thinking this diet sounds great... The down days I can imagine are hard but the less calories I have to count the easier it is for me!
I think I'm gna finish my 2 days of shakes and then try this diet out!
I'm sick of the Lipotrim diet!

I need food!
I'm 11stones but I'm 5ft 1inch so ideally need to be 9stones so a 4lb loss a week would be great!

Well I'll go away now and suffer for the next two days on my shakes and then I'll come back here and let you know how I'm getting on!

Do you recommend I start on a dd or ud?
Start on an up day and treat urself lol will be nice for u to have something nice to eat for a day after being on Lipotrim?! :)


WILL do it!
had a beyond-major blowout over easter thats still kind of going on lol i keep meaning to restart but am having my totm at the mo so i just want to scoff everything i see, biscuits, crisps, chips, nothings safe :D i havent had anything to eat today yet, been busy phoning around flat hunting so i could always use that to my advantage and make today a down day? its about time i restarted!

how are u doing? x


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Well I had a messed up bank holiday weekend and stopped the Lipotrim! I started It again on Tuesday and finding my cravings really hard.
I am struggling at times I think I can do it and the next thing you know I'm just dying to eat and that becomes my main thought!

I really want to just eat but I have 2stones to lose. I'm 10st 11lbs and need to be 8.11 which would be my ideal weight as I'm an absolute midget! Lol well 5ft1in.

How long would it take to lose 2stones on the Juddd?
Arggghhh! This is oh so stressful! :(


WILL do it!
im a midget too lol a whole inch taller than u :D i think 2 stone should take about 9weeks based on losing 3lbs a week, would obviously be quicker if u lost more each week :) how much have u lost on lipotrim so far?


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Well on Lipotrim I lost 10lbs in week 1 but then with all my cravings I put a bit on so all in all it's been 8lbs now! Started at 11.5.

I don't know what to do! Do I try another week on Lipotrim? I just bloody ate a little pasta! Lol
I'm useless!


WILL do it!
well its really up to u! only u can tell if u can stick to lipotrim enough to make it worth it lol what do u reckon?


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I think I'll try be t total with the last three days worth n then see what I lose! Need to be thin for July as my best mates getting married! I'll keep u posted!
Let me know how u get on!
B xxx


WILL do it!
good luck with the next 3 days! x


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Hey Sam
U ok?

U started yet?
My latest update:
Two up days sat and sunday (i know i was meant to alternate but felt like treating myself after lipot) and having my first DD today! YAY!
B xxxxx


WILL do it!
im good thanks, having an up day today and will have a down day tomorrow. must have been nice for u to actually be able to eat over the weekend! how are u feeling? hows ur down day going? x


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Hey glad to hear ur bk on it!

Oh n yes it was amazing eating! Mmmmm went to Scarborough n had fish n chips! Lol I've put two punds on thou but doesn't matter as long as I can do this diet!

Dd is going great, skipped breakfast drinking some water and had half can if veg soup n some new potats.

As per the site calculator I need to have 358 cals on dd. So have another 201 to go.

This is a brilliant diet but I just hope it works?

U enjoying ur up day? What have you been eating?

B x


WILL do it!
so are u only going to eat 358 cals on a down day?

was busy this morning but have eaten jacket potato with cheese for lunch and an ice pole :)