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Is this ketosis?

Hi there - started on Tuesday at 13 stone 3 lbs, as at today (Fri 9 April) now 12 stone 12.5lbs. I found this morning I had a heightened sense of well-being, quite euphoric! Also, feeling less starving than I was the first couple of days. I do feel my lower back/kidneys area is a bit sore - particularly first thing in the morning - but am drinking about 3 litres of water a day. Weight loss was 2 pounds per day for the first 2 days then 1/2 pound from yesterday to today. Is this me now in ketosis would you reckon?

Really pleased with the outcome so far - I know it's 'only fluid....' the first few days, but when I stick to a healthy WW style diet, I would be lucky to lose 2 pounds in total in the first week....

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taking it 1 day at a time
That certainly sounds like ketosis to me. You sound very positive. Keep up the good work.
Sounds like it. Don't get too hung up over the ketosis thing though, it's the fundamental lack of calories that makes you lose weight, ketosis is just an interesting side effect.

Although much of it is fluid, not all of it will be (as glycogen is stored in water at a ratio of about 3 or 4:1), and given that it's an essential diet stage, we all count it, so you should be just as chuffed with that too :)
Thanks for clarifying girls....

Miss D - I'm so glad you said bout not getting too hung up on the ketosis thing as yesterday I slipped a bit - had been doing gardening all day and was physically exhausted due to lack of food so I had 2 slices of toast and a small tin of WW spaghetti for dinner... then a cream egg... then 'a few' spoonfuls of strawberry ice-cream (though I was standing up when I did this and we all know as long as you're standing up when you eat something you shouldn't it doesn't count!! LOL!!) so I was really worried I would bring myself out of ketosis.... But technically I would still have been on a low calorie diet. 6 pounds off in 6 days as at Monday morning.

Definitely not as hungry now as I was last week....
But as an aside, ketosis doesn't actually depend on calories, it depends on carb intake. Bodybuilders use ketogenic diets all the time and can take in a couple of thousand calories, but with very few net carbs.

So, the toast probably would have taken you out of ketosis, and therefore you may lose any of the benefits that go with it for a day or two.

And I spent most of yesterday in the garden, too ;)
Ah.... I get you now.... so if I was to have a slight wobble I'd be best having a bit of protein and avoiding the carbs completely? Total weightloss in first week - 6.5 pounds. I'm really pleased - cos I have done every diet under the sun, I thought I had completely mucked up my metabolism and would have to accept 1/2 pound - 1 pound weekly weight losses for the rest of my life.... which is so hard as you have one bad weekend and it goes straight back on, and then some.... Feeling great as well - what a huge difference from how tired and weak and ravenously hungry I was last week!!

Thanks for your support Miss D - you're a brilliant help and a real fountain of knowledge!! xx
Hi LadyF, well done on the weight loss, you are doing well! I thought I would say hello as we both seem to be around the same weight with similar goals on a similar diet!!

I am only on day 1 of my vlcd but am looking forward to the ketosis state!! Today hasn't been too bad, I don't feel as hungry as I expected. However, drinking 3 litres of water has meant non stop trips to loo! :D I find this annoying!!
Hi Bethie! Yeah, look at that! We even have the same goal weight! I found on the first few days that I was so tired and my legs were weak after just walking upstairs - I would have my soup in the evening then just go to bed and watch tv. But I really picked up at around day 5 - loads of energy, felt really motivated and high-spirited. I weighed myself each day the first week, but now I'm on week 2, I'm losing around 1/4 - 1/2 pound each day, so I'm going to stick to weekly weigh-ins. I even drew up a chart with 28 days on it, and cross each one off as I go - psychologically I find it helps, as that's me more than 1/4 of the way through and half a stone down already. This is a really great forum as well -it helps to talk to people who are going through it also so you know you're not on your own and everyone is so supportive - especially when you really feel like having a binge!

Good luck with your diet - keep me posted as to your weight loss and how you get on! xx
Yeah, weird no?! Well it's the 2nd day today and I don't feel too bad. I'm even thinking about going to the gym tonight! The water helps I think, everytime I feel a bit hungry or light headed I drink more water. I did go to bed early last night though, at least when I'm sleeping I won't think about food! :)

The best thing was that I weighed myself this morning and have already shed 3lbs! I know that this is probably just fluid but it made me feel really happy!! On weight watchers I struggled to lose that a week.

Hmmm I might make a chart too, will give me something to keep me focussed. Half a stone is really good, hopefully I will have the same news soon! he he! xx
Ah.... I get you now.... so if I was to have a slight wobble I'd be best having a bit of protein and avoiding the carbs completely?
Spot on. However, really try not to, as once you open the floodgates, an' all that... as soon as you think you can 'get away with it', bad habits can creep in, which are ultimately quite destructive.

Thanks for your support Miss D - you're a brilliant help and a real fountain of knowledge!! xx
No worries, I'm just a bit ahead of you, and have spent 2-3 months keeping busy by doing a bit of homework... ;)
Hi LadyF, I'm a week into my diet and have lost 9 lbs, well impressed!! Had my ketosis 'high' yesterday I think. I had bags of energy and didn't feel hungry at all. How's it going for you? xx
Hi Beth!! You're doing great! Better than me - I was at a bbq at the weekend (and drank like a fish....) and then had a fish supper the next day to soak it all up..... gained back 3 pounds over the weekend... Have now lost a total of 10 pounds and am at the end of week 3 so i need to sort myself out!! I would definitely buy another month's supply though - even if I do go off the rails a bit now and again, it works so much better than a conventional diet...

I'm so pleased you are doing so well!! You've nearly shed a stone and are only halfway through!! Frances xx
Hi Frances, have you recovered from your bbq blip yet? :) This weekend was really hard with all the bank holiday festivities, I managed to resist... just about! I ate some cheese on saturday because I really really fancied it and I have no idea why!! I have only lost 1lb this week, grr. At least it's still a loss I suppose! 1 more pound then it will be a stone, woop woop!

I've ordered another months supply, just shakes tho, the soup makes me want to gag! And I think I'll buy my own cereal bars for a month. If I make sure they're about the same amount of calories/carbs I think it will be ok! I will keep you posted xxx


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I just hit ketosis today on day 2, I really hope i will feel less hungry tomorrow xx

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