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Is this normal?

So my first week I had an amazing loss that i wasn't expecting. 13lbs in 8 days. Since that i have still been 100% TS but I've lost nothing. No loss in 3 days.

Is this normal for your second week? Am i doing something wrong? I am having my three packs and plenty of water but it's just not happening.

I'm trying to not get disheartened but it's hard when you're on a diet this strict, which is completely unsociable and makes you miserable and you get no more results.

I just wonder if it's something I'm doing wrong? I was so motivated my first week but now I've just lost it completely.
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I will do this...
You aren't doing anything wrong. I WI every day and have done from the beginning. I have had weeks where I've lost nothing for 5 days and then 3lbs all go in one day. I also only lost 1lb one week when I had lost 29lbs the 4 previous weeks. As long as you ate drinking and sticking to it 109% you will loose weight. You will see it averaging out (look at my signature) over the months to come.

I WI every day but I never let it detract me from doing the diet - if I haven't lost I just keep on at it. If you do think it might put you off the diet it might be worthwhile hiding your scales or getting someone to hide them for you and only weighing once a week. You will loose hun x

From what I understand (which is not a lot as new to this)

But for what it is worth
Try to only weight once a week or twice if you really have to

My hubby did this for 8 months last year and lost 10 stone, he would weigh almost daily some weeks but got disheartend as it would show no weight loss for days then suddenly 3-4 pound

On average he lost between 4-6 pound a week But then he is a man !!!

anyway how are you feelong otherwise this is day 4 for me and feel crap still
mel x


I will do this...
Ps it's only 3 days... You have 4 days left for losses x
It's not distracting me from the diet. I'm still sticking to it 100% I'm just concerned that I'll only lose 1-2lb a week which i could be losing on WW or SW and actually eating real food.

I'm not making any sense am i?


I will do this...
No you are making sense. You will lose a stone a month. It averages out. I didn't any weight for about 5 days last week and then lost 1lb and 2lb over the last 2 days and had a 3 lb loss. Week previously I lost a pound every day over 6 days.

This week for example a 1lb loss on Thursday, nothing yesterday and 2lbs today.

Don't let it demotivate you. You will loose weight - you are doing what I'm doing and what everyone else is doing.

If it's going to get you down and demotivate and worry, hide the scales xx


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It's not distracting me from the diet. I'm still sticking to it 100% I'm just concerned that I'll only lose 1-2lb a week which i could be losing on WW or SW and actually eating real food.

I'm not making any sense am i?
I thought that Ames while going to SW and I lost and put on, lost and put on for a year whilst watching all the others lose 2 or 3lb a week. It made me realise that I have a problem with food, not with my weight and this diet has helped me see so much about myself. I am on this to lose my weight and learn how not to put it all back on again.

I have lost weight every week since I have started this diet, but by week 4 when my loss wasn't as good as I expected I stopped weighing myself every day as I got off the scales feeling just as you do now. This week I have actually put on 1lb, but hopefully this will be off by Monday morning. But even with that it means I have stayed the same this week. The body is very strange and sometimes it needs to have a rest and come to terms with what is happening to it.

Saying that, if you are 100% TS you will lose weight on your second week........but don't expect to guess numbers ;)

Cheer up darling, we are all on your side. Don't give up, you are an inspiration to so many people who read your threads. xxx


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Princess_Ames said:
It's not distracting me from the diet. I'm still sticking to it 100% I'm just concerned that I'll only lose 1-2lb a week which i could be losing on WW or SW and actually eating real food.

I'm not making any sense am i?
I just weighed myself as well and no loss in 3 days. Am not bothered about it coz it's my TOTM. I also know from experience that if you stick to the diet there's no way you won't lose weight.

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Thanks guys... I'm so very neurotic. I feel like a bit of a plank now worrying.

I know I'm doing what i should be so it will come off eventually. Just got to keep that in my head.


I will do this...
Everyone has those worries :D

I posted a wot the... Message when I lost 1lb that week I mentioned... I just didn't take into account the huge losses the weeks before (that was my first month)... Just keep doing what you are doing and you will be grand xxx


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Awww Ames. I find that every week. There's always a few days when my body rests. And then suddenly I'll be three or four pounds lighter one morning. Usually when the scales stops moving I notice inch losses. It's as though the body can't cope with losing weigh AND inches at the same time.

P.s. I know I haven't lost too much this time yet but I lost four stone on LT four years ago. Reason I gave it up was because I was only losing one or two pound a week and I was disappointed and demotivated. I thought I could lose the rest on ww. I had about two stone to go. But I DON'T lose weight on ww. I faffed about and eventually put the weight back on. You are doing so well. ANY loss is good. Getting it into your head that there's an easier way to do this is a sure fire route to ruin.


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Very good advice from everyone, I wanted to ask the same thing, but the scales will move, keep going Ames :)
dont worry princess.. from what ive been reading looks lie it could all just drop off very randomly! - i do agree with hiding the scales though! my otherhaf has them at his and i will only weigh once a week otherwise i will stand there taking off all my clothes til i see the scales move down! lol - not a pretty sight i know!


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I agree too - the scales are just not that reliable on a daily basis. Too many fluctuations, bowels, fluid, TTM etc... but it balances out. There is nothing more off putting than the scales telling you have stayed the same when you haven't, it just takes time to show. You are heading in the right direction, my advice don't weigh. It all balances out. Good luck.

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