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Is this normal?



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I know I've asked this several times before on your other threads, but I honestly can't remember the response!

Can you update your User CP with your height please? And have you posted menus?
Is this 'kilo on' something that you've observed on an official weigh-in day? (i.e. was it gained over a week) Or is this kilo something you've noticed today via daily weighing?

Have you posted daily menus? I noticed that up to last last week you were eating 2-4 WW toffee/vanilla yogurts a day (which are 'tolerated' items..I think possibly even 'no go' items now) so perhaps there's something else in your daily diet which could be spotted if you noted down everything you eat for a few days.


** Chief WITCH **
Yeah but if she updated her User CP, we'd see the BMI ;)
Yeah but if she updated her User CP, we'd see the BMI ;)

It'd also be really great to see what Alessandra eats. I know when I've run into issues on other diets before, more experienced people with that diet looking at my menus have identified the problem nearly every time. That's why I tend to not only say what the dish was, but what ingredients I put into it in case I screw up on something small I'd not previously considered.


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Alesandra, someone I know is on the diet, also her 17 year old daughter.. She visited me yesterday and asked why they are not losing weight.. Turns out they are eating right just not enough, especially proteins.. So body is hanging onto the weight..
No, it is not normal to lose just 700 grams, for a perfectionist like yourself;). Did you give up the yogurt? Are you having transit issues?
By the way, 62 kg with your height is not overweight, of course you will lose slower than others but this is too slow..
Post your menu as previous posters suggested.. I am sure we will find a solution:)
Thank you all for the help!

I am 1.63m, gave up the ww yogurts looooog ago, I am eating a lot of protein and I just got back from a 7 mile bike run. And yes, I am drinking water.
What do I eat? Well, yesterday it was pv so I had a galette for bkfast, chicken drumsticks and meatloaf for lunch, a small ff Greek yogurt and 4 crabsticks for snack.
Dinner was an omelet with courgettes and smoked salmon, quark and cucumber. Snack before bed was tuna and quark.
Also did day 1 of the 30 day shredder.

Today pp I had galette with ff fromage frais and 2 salmon steaks for lunch.

I started having more red meat on Monday, that's when my weight went up. (it was lean meat)

My official weighing day is tomorrow. I am not being obsessed, am I? There is something wrong, isn't there?

My bmi is healthy but my muscles are almost inexistent (working on it) so I look bigger than what I am.

Everybody says I look fine and don't need to diet. Thats not the point, is it? How can I not eat fat and carbs and only loose this ridiculous amount of weight?

You guys have been WONDERFUL and patient! Thank you thank you thank you!

I really appreciate all the help I can get.
I know if it's beef/minced beef it has to be not just 'lean' but 'extra lean'...Also the crabsticks can cause a problem I believe, they are limited. Maybe you're having too much dairy? You haven't put in how many grams of quark so maybe that could be a problem? The chicken drumsticks can't have skin on them so if they did that is an issue. Also what was in your meatloaf?
Re the height thing just please put it into your user details on the left hand side. That means we don't have to constantly remember your height or try to mentally check your BMI, it would be right in front of us. Thanks in advance.
I haven't had chicken skin in years!

Crabsticks are limited to 10 a day, right?

My meatloaf was made with extra lean mince, an egg and fromage fat free.

What is too much dairy! Can't we have up to a kilo?

I will try to update my profile. Not sure if it can be done on iPad.
It's 8 a day Alessandra but I generally tend to completely avoid anything that is 'limited' if I'm stalling and then see if any of those things were having an affect on my stall. Eat heaps and heaps of protein and cut down or cut out the dairy to see if that makes a difference which is also what I do if I've had a day where I ate something questionable, to let me get back to where I was previously.
Ps Re dairy, Dukan says if you're stalling cut the kilo limit in half.
What upsets you more - the weight (which, in the end, is just a number) or the look of your body?

If it is the latter, you may be happier going down the toning/posture route.

Pilates, for example, can often reduce the figure by a whole dress size, just by adjusting posture and tone.
Hi Alessandra,

Your diet looks fab, maybe restrict your crabsticks for a few days to see if that makes a difference and watch your dairy.

I also noticed that you did a 7 mile bike ride as well as day one of the 30 day shred - it could be that with the exercise your body has started to build muscle, which is heavier than fat. Are you taking your measurements? It may well be worth doing that as some weeks you could STS or even gain slightly, but lose an inch.

Also, if you have just started to build muscle and thus tone up, you may notice a sudden drop next week as the more muscle you have, the higher your metabolism.

The only other possibility is that if you are in the healthy weight range, maybe your body has just decided that this is the right weight for you and is hell bent on hanging onto every ounce of weight, and it could be a case of toning up as you plan and seeing what happens. Your weight as a toned weight would equal a much slimmer you, so personally I would look more at the tape measure than the scales for a week or two to keep your motivation up.

A long winded and confusing post, but I hope it helps in some way. The most important thing is not to give up as you've done so well so far, even if it's not showing on the scales!
Atropos, what annoys me is not having the control. Imagine Working very hard and not getting paid... That's how I feel! If I wasn't dieting I would be happy with my body after all it's only fair. But no! I am dieting, not enjoying the diet at all, and I can't see results! If I don't diet, I put on so fast it's unbelievable!

That happened with ww and with sw. Dukan was kind of my last hope that's why I haven't given up yet.
I can't see any problems on your diet..

One thing though.. If you started working out recently, your muscles will need water to heal, that might be slowing down your loss..

I would suggest you to try drinking green tea a cup a day which is a drainer and take it a bit slow on the exercise front, you must be exhausted after all these! Slowly build it up..

Let's see what will happen next week.. :)
Well you haven't tried everything yet Alessandra so you can't say it hasn't worked and give up, stick with it, you haven't tried dropping the crabsticks and halving the dairy limit. Previously you were eating the mullers, that will definitely have stalled you. A few days ago you were asking what happens when you cheat so that cheat may have stalled you. Now, give this dairy/crabsticks thing a go before you say this diet hasn't worked. The truth is it is working, you've just been eating things which may not be conducive to your success on the diet.
I am 1.63m, gave up the ww yogurts looooog ago,
Actually you asked if you were eating too many WW yogurts precisely one week ago so not 'loooong ago' at all ;)

I am eating a lot of protein and I just got back from a 7 mile bike run. And yes, I am drinking water.
If you are now doing 7 mile bike rides and the 30-day shred, where previously you were doing nothing, you will be building muscle. Toning up = replacing fat with muscle and muscle is heavier.

Honestly? At your weight I would be concentrating on my fat percentage, measurements and muscle tone rather than a notional number on the scales which takes no account of what the weight is made up of.

What do I eat? Well, yesterday it was pv so I had a galette for bkfast, chicken drumsticks and meatloaf for lunch, a small ff Greek yogurt and 4 crabsticks for snack.
Dinner was an omelet with courgettes and smoked salmon, quark and cucumber. Snack before bed was tuna and quark.
Also did day 1 of the 30 day shredder.
You are doing what I've been doing (and Maintainer rightly picked me up on in my diary), not eating a great deal of protein.

You really, REALLY need to relax a bit. Look at my signature.....did I lose anything last week? Nope. And I can tell you that with 3 days to go before my official weigh-in day I'm actually 2lbs heavier than I was on the last weigh in day. Am I worried about that? Nope. Why? Because I've been fat my whole life and getting rid of it is not going to be a quick fix....I know I'm going to have to tweak and tweak until I find the 'sweet spot' that keeps it coming off.

If you give up now, I can guarantee you'll move on to yet another diet and when you don't get immediate results on that one you'll start the entire cycle again.....and believe me, I'm an expert on that:

Atkins - lost 2.5 st, told by GP to stop due to gout
Slimming World - lost 11lbs and essentially gave up after stalling for 4 weeks
Weight Watchers - put ON 7lbs in a month on their points program
Lighter Life - lost 3.5st and put on 4st in the year after stopping it

There've been countless other diets I've tried for a week or two before either a) getting bored with a too restricted diet b) not seeing any loss c) feeling unmotivated and giving up or d) convincing myself it would fail and giving up
I did 7 miles on the bike today for the first time ever! It takes ages of exercising for muscles to become toned and to start weighing! I researched. My ww leader used to say that this is something used as an excuse.

I also only had crabsticks yesterday!

I might be having a lot of dairy but NEVER over a kilo!

Pudding, honestly, don't you thing 700grs is ridiculous for 3 weeks of dieting?

I won't give up and partially because of all of you! People I hardly know who are trying to help. Thank you again!
Pudding, I gave up ww yogurt as soon as I found out they were not ok ( on that post) and I does seem looooong ago because I feel I've been dieting a lot longer than 20 days!
Pudding, do you really think I'm not having enough protein? Are u sure?

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