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Is this normal?

Is it near TOTM at all? If not it will just be water retention and the 1/2lb will disappear as quick as it got there! It is impossible to actually gain fat on a VLCD so any little gains like that are very temporary and are purely water, ignore it and it will go away!;)


MUST get a grip
My WI day was Tues morn, I weighed myself today and have gained 1/2 a pound. I'm still in ketosis, (albeit a lighter shade of pink) but I'm having 1 bar a day, could this have made me gain weight? Ive stuck to the plan 110%

I'm heavier by a couple of pounds this morning than earlier this week and I am sticking to plan 100% - its just the body and at different times days etc you can weigh more.
After your initial large losses sometimes, if your head is ruled by your heart its best not to scale hop as it can lead to negative thinking which inturn can lead to eating...
Fact is if you are doing this diet and drinking sufficient water you cannot fail to lose inches and weight - some weeks just takes longer than others xxxxx


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I had the same thing this morning Donna, I was 4lbs heavier this morning than I was yesterday morning - I only drank 3 litres of H20 yesterday and TOTM started today.. it's amazing how much water our bodies can store.. Don't worry though.. you'll still be losing the same amount of fat each day no matter what the scales say!


MUST get a grip
I am due on in a few days, although Ive been spotting a little already, maybe that is it. I'll try and drink plenty, it's a bit easier now with sunshine orange.
You can also make the flavourings into jelly with mix-a-mousse and they are luvly - had my first one last night and its another way of getting a half litre of fluids into you xxx


MUST get a grip
I like the sound of that! I think i'll have to invest in some mix-a-mousse!
I ate the bloody lot - standing up at the kitchen window.... It was lovely, I've also tried a choccie mousse which was nice but you have to use a blender or liquidiser or you get vile lumps of gelatine.....

Dont be put off if you balls up the first couple, my first attempt delivered frogspawn, 2nd attempt tooo much flavour that made my throat burn and 3rd attempt PERFECT. Cant wait to make another one this evening - how sad I have become xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
If you make the mousse make sure you mix the MAM powder in with the pack powder really well before you add the water or like Clare said, you end up with frog spawn...not lush!:sign0137:
I LIKE the lumpy bits of frog spawn!! How do you make the jelly please??!!

Theresa x
Unfortunately no, I am serious! Ha ha, maybe this is why I need this diet, I can't think of anything I don't like to eat, including lumps of mix a mousse!!!! LOL.

Theresa x

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