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is this right?pls help..................


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There are carbs in eggs. There is 1 carb per egg.
Some people don't count the carbs in the eggs though, but some more hardcore Atkins followers do.

But yes if something is 0 carbs, then you can eat it until the cows come home.
I counted eggs as 1 carb per egg, but yes 0 carb is 0 carb :) sounds like a tasty breakfast to me
I can't imagine how hard it must be to stop smoking AND be trying to loose weight, RESPECT.

I'm on day 9 love and I'm just getting to feel better.
You need something to keep you occupied so you don't think about it love.


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Are kippers nice then Strawberry? I've never tried them but they seem one of the smellier fishes and although I love fish I've never been brave enough to try them LOL
is it right that if something is sero carbs i can eat it?or do i have to check for other things,this morning i had 3 poached eggs and 3 smoked kippers,the kippers said 0 carbs so im presuming thats ok,please someone helpxxx:confused:
Just spotted this... That breakfast sounds fine.


Is it true that if something is 0 carbs then you can eat it for free but in realistic quantities.
Your body as i'm sure you know wants to use carbohydrates for energy before it uses anything else. Once it has run out of this it then uses the fat and protein you have eaten and then after that your own body fat supplies.

It is possible, and I have known other people on other forums do it to eat mainly free food and still not lose weight.

Technically you could eat a whole roast chicken every meal. However if you do this, your body then has to use this food as energy before it starts on your own stored fat. If it doesnt need that much energy that day, it wont get as far as needing to use any of it.

The classic example I can think of was an american lady who couldnt understand why she wasnt losing weight.. turned out she was having over a block of butter every day!!

So like anything, be sensible, eat until satisfied and if you do not lose for a few days review what you have eaten and see if you can spot if/ where you have gone wrong. (Personally im awful for having too much cheese.. really have to watch myself)

Spot on Rach, I have to watch cheese as well, during induction it stalled me. Even now if I eat a lot I'll put on weight, but everyone is different.


Wannabe Lean!!!
Alright then but if I hurl I'm blaming you! LOL :D
Kippers are nice Rela, but I'd try a small one first, they are maybe an acquired taste love.

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