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Is this usual (time of the month related)


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it could be because of your weight loss, I don't retain water every month but on the months I do I would normally put on a minimum of a pound


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One week before AF a while ago, I wore a skirt that I couldn't get into before because it had been too tight (how I love telling that story :D). The next week I put it back on and once again it was too tight. Nothing to do with weight loss or putting the weight back on (I hadn't), all to do with AF.

It happens to lots of us. Don't worry, those pounds will be gone again (not that you've gained them. They're just hiding ;)). It p*ss*s us off, but it's just another one of the joys of being a woman :p


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I began SW last Monday and after about 4-5 days had lost 3lbs. Now, scales show no weight loss (i.e. back to where I started)...is it because of period and water retention or am I fooling myself?
Try using a highlighter pen to highlight the weeks you STS or gain. This is what a few of us do at group. I'm betting after a while you'll see a pattern emerging.
I did this to mine yesterday and I either STS or gain every 4 weeks...it's like clockwork. I STS last week even though I was good and this week I've lost 2lb. So don't be disheartened, it happens to most women. We even have women in our group who have finished having * weeks yet they still get the effects of having one showing in their weight losses. It's frustrating I agree, but once you can see the pattern and know to expect it you don't feel so deflated or let down....if that makes sense. You're prepared for it.
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I never lose any weight during that week, I think its quite common for many women.


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i gained 3.5lbs cos of my period being 7 days late. Don't stress - a STS is actually quite good for star week :)

And yep that evil 3.5lbs looks like its come off...phew!
I normally STS or gain 1 pound during star week. It is a pain, but I know if I've been on plan 100% it will be gone the following week.


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I noticed most of you say you gain or sts the week of your * week. For me it's the week before * week. I think everyone is different.


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yep.... I usually gain or sts the week before *week. Just recently though, not only have i gained before but i also bloat a whole dress size up. Absolutely a pain in the rear!!!!
Thanks all...I feel much better and I'm glad it's not just me.

In a related incident, the hairdresser (a friend) is here to do my highlights and about 5 minutes after the middle sections of foil were put in my head was on fire...I actually cried from pain. We had to wash off ultra-quick and the colour had weirdly taken already. Apparently * week (is that the norm reference?!) can do that to people...weird!

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