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Is this weird

Hi everyone I just thought I would share this weird thing I’ve been experiencing lately its that I have got addicted to smelling food I love it when I go by an Indian or Chinese restaurant or KFC I take a big breathe and just enjoy the smell while it lasts.

My family just laugh at me when I ask to smell there food I don’t know why but it seems to help….I think I’m losing my mind.
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OMG I thought I was the only crazy!!!

Since I started CD I've been smelling everything! At first it would terrify me because I thought that if I smelled my SO's grilled chicken for too long I'd try and taste but no, if I get my fill of smell I am done, no thought of cheating.

I wonder what the scientific explanation is.... It sure looks silly, like we're absolute addicts :)
I know I think I’m going crazy I just cant stop.....but if it helps I don’t see the harm. I thought at first it would make me want to eat what I was smelling too but it doesn't so I’m happy to be crazy for as long as it takes.
oh my god!!! I'm exactly the same. I'm obsessed with sniffing food too! I thought I'd just gone mad. It really helps and I feel satisfied once I've done it. I'm never tempted to try and eat any of it though!

How strange is this? Oh well it seems to be working for us so I'm happy being mad and slimmer!


Speaks as she finds
i am a fully fledged "sniffer" as well!!! i actually almost feel like i am eating if i sniff food, but it has also made me realise that some of the food i REALLY liked stinks rather gross and has therefore made me re-think eating it in the future!!!
I'm a food sniffer too .............my hubbys just had a huge curry for tea whilst i had my shake. I'm not tempted to cheat but it did smell mighty fine. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
I am a definite sniffer. So glad its not just me, my BF thinks I am weird. Noone at work knows about the CD and I have let slip a few 'can I smell thats' without thinking so now they all think I am weird too :-(

Its surprising how satiating it is, and how heightened my sense of smell is.

Glad I am not alone!


Post-Menopausal Maniac!
As you can see - we've all done it!! (I especially like smelling food I've cooked for the hubby!) :)

NOW go and walk round the back of a Macdonalds or a KFC - and prepare to retch. :jelous: You're learning how to tell the difference between good food and bad food without even tasting it, because your senses are becoming heightened (the same thing happenened to me when I fasted - I couldn't walk near any junk food places, because the 'rancid fat' smell nearly made me throw up on the street! :eek:).

This is all fine! When we do start eating again, it'll only be good, fresh, honest food - which is a handy thing considering that's what we'll living on for the rest of our lives! :)
Yes I am the same! I've actually been offering to cook all my husband's dinners even though he is happy to do it himself just so that I can get my sniff fix lol!

I also found that it doesn't tempt me so I don't see the harm!


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