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Is variation the key?

Being the end of the month, i have really only been eating pasta with cheese, all my hex's are being used on cheese or milk or alpen lights choccy and fudge and i wonder if this is going to have a bad affect on my weightloss ( not that i could tell because i had dominos last night :doh:) Just wondered if anyone else ate nearly the same things everyday and still lost ok?

Tomorrow i have tescos coming, so i'll get some variety again but i bet i'll be the same by the end of the month.
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I always harp on about this but....... "when I lost 3 stone in 3 months"...

I...stuck all to green and just ate jacket potatoes and baked beans and pasta CONSTANTLY oh and one chinese a week.

Variety is good though, otherwise you'll get bored and go off track. xxx


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your body doesn't know what you are eating - all it does is digest it and take out the nutrients that it needs, then you poo out the rest. :D

as long as it's healthy and balanced (what your body needs) then your losses shouldn't be affected.
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my swc always stresses variety in your diet is the best way to loose. it does keep things interesting but scientifically im not sure


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I think it helps to vary your food a little or you'll get bored and give up even if you do still lose weight at the same rate. You should also try and eat lots of fruit and vegetables. I seem to do well on green days.
Hiya Hon
Im guessing cos its only a problem near the end of the month its because you do a HUGE shop when you get paid and then all the fresh stuff runs out or goes off before next payday? It used to happen to me all the time and by the end of the month itd be like an episode of ready steady cook in our kitchen.. hmmm what can i make with 1 sweet potato a tin of tuna and a tin of peas dunno but going to have to eat it anyway lol!
I found that if i cooked a shed load of nice things when i had the fresh stuff then bunged portions of it in the freezer i at least had 1 or 2 nice things a week to break the monotony of pasta with ever varying tinned things there is only so much pasta with tuna n sweetcorn a girl can eat. Maybe you could have a go at that. Also as for eating the same things and not losing weight dont worry as someone said your body takes what it needs n it doesnt care where it comes from you just need a bit of variation to make the diet more interesting and easier to stick to. I lost weight a few years back by living on Supernoodles and jacket spuds and the weight fell off but it wasnt a sustainable diet because it got sooooo boring

Gen x


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I vary my meals all the time. I would get too bored and give up. Maybe you could divide your food budget into 4 weeks and the go shopping weekly. If you stick to your budget and make a list then you "should" spend the same amount. I found this week that just be writing a list and planning my menu that I managed to save £30!

The quorn chicken burgers are lovely. I am not usually a big quorn fan, but these really are nice. I have them in a bun (HEXB) and SW Chips. A plate of SW chips beats a bowl of pasta (in my opinion of course!) and you could have chips and cheese instead of pasta and cheese!

Making a veg soup is a good one too. You can make a big batch and freeze it. Cheap and very filling. Lentil Dhal is another good green day meal and very cheap. The recipe is in the sticky above.

Good luck and I am sure you will do fine :D


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I tend to buy frozen veg as that lasts better specially frozen mixed peppers ..a large bag is £1 in morrisons and lasts ages ..got fed up doing a big shop loads of healthy veg etc to find it in the bin later that week ..Now i have a big cook day using lots of it and freezing ..must admit this works for me and free chilli and mini quiches in the fridge ...
keep smiling
gilly x
Thanks everyone, i do loooooooove pasta and its so quick and sometimes its easier then doing chips. I'm also fussy i don't eat veg apart from sweetcorn and i don't really like fish either. I have the shopping coming and i am going to make some meals up, going to try and freeze some chips, so when i fancy them i can just stick them in the oven.

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