Hi Folks
I know Im pointing out the obvious BUT isnt it cold :(
Freezing this morning and when its cold I need to wee even more lol if more is possible :eek:
Never mind hey big coats and jumpers are called for and just imagion when it gets warmer and we 'undress' again with our fantastic weight loss wont everone be amazed!!!!
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I live in Scotland so can you imagine how I feel!!!!

Last night I slept in Socks, velvet PJ's, 13 togg duvet and 2 hot water bottles!!!

Anyway...practical things I'm doing are having all my shakes hot with a spoon of coffee in them and drinking some of my water hot.

I've also invested in a couple of jumpers (fitted to show off my weight loss)

I can see the wooly hat and puffa jackets in the not too distant future! :eek:


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Last night I had to work really late and when I went out to my car at 1.15am it was all frosty. I sat in the car, tired after an 18 hour day and couldn't stop shivering, it was like my body was sooooo cold it was just shake shake shake. Then I put the heater on so high it almost burnt my legs on the long drive home. This diet is part of it, you do feel the cold more. Socks in bed are the oh so sexy (!) answer.
But better slimmer and clder than fat and hot - at least thats what i tell myself.


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Is it being in ketosis that makes me this flipping cold ? I mean it is cold out but I usually cope with it better than this!


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I am so so cold. My feet and hands are like lumps of ice, very handy for tormenting the terrible toddler, off to run around the garden when he gets up, that should help.



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i just bought gloves and a scarf today cos i am so cold and i hate those things, but i reallly have to start looking after my joints, being so bad about it caused my arthritus i think lol


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My hands are so cold i actually bought fingerless gloves so that i could still type at work :D

I've always felt the cold but since being on LL i'm feezing all the time! My Dad is constantly complaining about the heating being on all the time so i keep sticking my freezing cold hands up the back of his shirt :)


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Fully agree! It's freezing!! And i'm off to stand on a frozen football pitch from 9.30 for a couple of hours why my son trains! Have got my thermal vest and leggings for under jeans and jumper!! Were a good buy in Bon Marche last week... and have been worth every penny!


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Shadow where abouts in Scotland are you from? I am a bit south of Aberdeen.

Yip its freeeeezing!, I went to the local bonfire and fireworks last night and had on thermals and a woolly hat!

I have to say though as I have lost a bit of weight there was more room under my jacket for extra clothes and my friend could still tell with all my padding that I had lost weight! (either that or she was being the perfect friend and just trying to keep me motivated either way I don't mind)



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I haven't been too bad all week because our office is toasty warm (there is a problem with the heating - it is either on full blast or completely off and freezing!!).

I am admitting defeat today though - my feet are like blocks of ice and I am going to go for a hot bath to thaw out.

My hubby has taken the kids bike riding and I was going to go but no way hose, I couldn't take the cold.

I've had loads and loads of hot water too today but nothing is helping.


Gone, but who cares huh
hubby is out building a shed in the side yard and keeps coming in for things and every time he comes in i yell shut the door lol, so im getting laughed at for that by him the kids and my neighbour who is helping


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I'm stll freezin but have had to open the windows to air the place.....wandering around in lots of clothes...was meant to be going to fireworks tonight, but dont think my body could cope! Plus I'm really me was up at around 5am so that just makes me worse!!