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Isn't it funny how......

but i've found that things i won't normally be bothered by just tease me. Boiled Eggs and toast with tuna just seem to be the most tempting thing in the world. However you could sit a tonne of bacon in front of me and I wouldn't even be tempted. It's very strange.
When I am in ketosis I get cravings and am tempted all the time. I wouldn't go out and buy foods such as chocolate etc, but if it was sat there in front of me I would be tempted. I have been in ketosis for 3 weeks a few months ago and still felt the same way. I am getting cravings for foods I probably wouldn't have bothered me before.. Freshly baked White bread and butter, treacle tart and custard, shortbread with milk chocolate on the top... I sometimes sit with a nigella cook book looking through the colour photographs! Looking but not tasting!
Reading that back makes me sound like such a food addict!!! TOTM... got it today.. so hopefully it should pass...until next month!


Tough But Sexy X
For me its not the temptation of actual foods but more the smell. I was in the office yesterday, popped into office upstairs and could smell lunch cooking. I hadnt noticed it before. I couldnt even tell you what the smell was but yum! ha!
Im with Gingette - I completely crave scrambled eggs on hot buttered toast or lovely vinegary peppery tuna with pasta...actually anything vingary, gherkins, pickled onions.....I normally dislike vingary things! so strange lol!


One last chance
I'm on the lite programme so I'm allowed chicken, fish, egss etc but I am craving all the sweet things like doughnuts and brownies :p

I guess when you are away from food completely, you appreciate all food even if they're not what you would normally go for :)
I probably should of said in my first post that i'd only been on the diet since Monday so now day 5 so in time i'll probably crave more food. Done LL so many times before but never stuck to it 100% for so long.

I went to weigh in last night and had lost 9lbs since monday so was pleased with that :D

Came home from work today, made myself a huge helping of tuna pasta but actually for once stopped to think about what i was doing, realised what i was doing was not needed, so fed it all to the dogs...went and had a pack, and a huge glass of water! Feel great now :)

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