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Well of course I am new.
Im 18 and 15 stone. Ive allways been a large girl but it makes me feels very depressed and im not very confident and dont feel attractive in any way, but i do have my boyfriend and he's the best thing to ever to happen to me. I've tried dieting in the past and it has worked for a month or two and then its just gone downhill and I gain more than i loose. I do smoke and have tried to quit but again failed. I would like to try any kind of diet but with most I see advertised you have to pay for. I haven't got much money anyway because ive only just recently lost my job. If anyone could help i would be very grateful.

Crinne xxx
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Hi Crinne,

Im really sorry you feel that way, im sure that most people on this forum have felt like that at one time or another, i know i certainly have! :sigh:

You are right, most classes and diets do cost money but some are more expensive than others. Weight Watchers are doing a thing that if you do a direct debit with them then it works out cheaper than paying weekly, plus you get access to online support. That would work out about £4.15 a week instead of £5.50.

Thats about the cheapest i can think of!

Failing that, The cheapest way to lose weight would just be to go at it yourself.

Ive only just joined WW (weigh in tomorrow ) but since April ive lost 4.5st on my own. :)

I just done that by eating 3 meals a day, loads of fruit and veg and walking. There is a big hill near where i live and i set myself wee goals to do every day and eventually i was able to breathe when i reached the top haha!! There is stairs beside it and now i can run up them twice lol. Sounds silly but it helps.

You just need to do the things that we all know we should do but dont! haha! Oh yea, i bought a secondhand bike too and cycle to work. Not every day like, occasionally, when the rain wont ruin my hair! HAHA! :whistle:

So yea, Crinne, I know exactly how you feel. I have a long way to go - about 100lbs to lose - but we are all in the same boat here.

You are the only person in this world that completly knows you, therefore you are the only one who knows if you want to make the lifestyle change to lose weight, Because thats what it is - A lifestyle change.

Its a lifestyle choice thats worth doing thought and its 110% possible for you to do it for free if thats what you need to do.

Good Luck Crinne :)

Jem xx

P.s :welcome2:


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Hi crinne, yes you are in a difficult situation. I would try a choose a diet you can afford, and post for advice on that thread on this board. Good Luck


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hi and welcome, there are quite a few useful threads on here and reading other peoples diarys, helps too, you need to be in the right frame of mind so positive thinking will go a long way.


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Hello and welcome.
Good luck with your weightloss.


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Hello & welcome to Minimins :)