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It can't be right??????

Hi All, I'm just back from my all inclusive 2 week hols and despite not going mad with food and drink I have gained a massive 23lbs in just 2 weeks. I went to the gym 2-3 times a week and ate a great deal of salad but have still managed to put a humungous amount on.

Nothing fits me again and I feel that I've ruined all the hard work I did before I went.

I am going to my brother in law's wedding in 11 days and have bought a gorgeous new dress to wear that fitted me beautifully 2 weeks ago.

I have started TS again today and am hoping for some amazing results as I did last time. Well, I say hoping, I mean relying on, quick results because I don't want to have to buy something else to wear last minute.

Fingers crossed.

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Forgot to say - I refuse to change my ticker and stats till I get there again.
I'm just annoyed at myself :(


maintaining since June'09
When did you get back and I assume you've been flying?? You shouldn't get weighed till at least 5 days after a flight if you want a true reading. Flying does all kinds of silly things to your water levels etc. So DON'T PANIC!!! If you've done all you say while you've been away it's unlikely this is a true gain - it certainly can't be fat can it!! To gain 23lbs of fat you'd have had to consume 80,500 calories more than you need - which is CRAZY!!!

Relax ... get back on track and see where you are in a few days.

I bet it's not half as bad as it seems right now.

Hope you enjoyed your holiday anyway!! xx
Aw thanks for that.
Yeah I know some will be fluid etc. and I did anticipate a large gain (I always gain around a stone), but I was very shocked to see that amount.

I will heed your advice and will not panic (yet) :)

I have been 100% today and thoroughly intend to carry on, so I will hopefully be ok.

thanks again


is slowly shrinking
omg, i don;t want to go on holiday now, i also have a inclusive hols soon as was hoping to do the same, hope it works out babe, i would be gutted also, lets hope thingsa settle down. let me know how it works out.


maintaining since June'09
Yes I'd like to know what happens too so will you please post your result in this thread or I might miss it ;) I only saw this coz I looked at all new posts in a quiet moment ... thanks xx


reaching my goal
im sure you will lose it as quick as you gained it !
I'm hoping it comes off as quick as it came on too.

I will definitely keep you posted as to my progress.
So far I'm 3 days in on TS and already feel much better and clothes are feeling less tight - I think it's going to be ok girls - thanks for the support.

Think I'll weigh on Monday Morning then it's 1 week back on TS and I will then know whether I need to shop for a new dress for the weeding next friday (hopefully not).

Thanks again - speak soon


maintaining since June'09
I should do the weeding in my old clothes if I were you LOL :):D:D:D;) x


maintaining since June'09
Yes I know - I was joking, hence all the :D:D .. ;) x
Ha Ha - I can just see me weeding in my strapless number with my 5" silver heels :D
Id second doing total for a few days and the balance returning after holiday/flight. I was abit annoyed after my hols but find I dropped 5lbs a few days later-and I would only normally lose very slowly.
Feeling good :)
Dress fits (but is tight, and looks it) - looking forward to weigh in on monday :)
Here's hoping


reaching my goal
Good luck hope you shift some weight for your dress theres nothing worse than wearing a dress to tite .


maintaining since June'09
I was wondering that :) x

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