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It has finally clicked!!


is loving CWP xx
Good morning everyone,

Well it is in my eyes anyway. I am feeling so good at the moment. Last week I gained a lb for being silly which I have been doing for a number of weeks now. So after my weigh in I gave myself a good talking to and got back on track. I even decided not to weigh myself this week to see if that helps keep me on the straight and narrow. I can't believe it is 5 days since I last weighed myself. The fear of not knowing what my weight is is keeping me focussed. I know it's not positive thinking but if I tell myself that I haven't lost any weight it will stop me reaching for food.

I have now stuck to it 100% for a whole 7 days aswell which is the most I have done in a while as I always find some excuse as to why I need to have something. I have been going to the gym and really enjoying it, I am feeling so fit and healthy, it's great. I feel like I have lost a stone this week!! I probably haven't but I will settle for 5 or 6lb. I feel that I am now ready to loose the rest of the weight to get me to goal.

I also have another motivation to get it off as my sister is coming up from London and we are having a big girls night out in 2 weeks. We have organised for a lot of people to get together some of which I have not seen for as long as 10 years!! I am so excited. If I can just get half a stone off by then I might be down into a proper size 14. I am going clothes shopping during the day before my night out with another girl that has done CD so that will be fun.

Life is really starting to look up now. I really feel invigorated and ready for the end of my journey. I have even been looking at the RTM threads as in theory it is not too far away and that will keep me motivated too.

Hope everyone else is having as good a week as me. Will let you know how I get on at my WI tomorrow.

Good luck for everyone else's WI this week too.

I love LL, just wish I would have stuck to it 100% all the time.

Bye for now x x
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Happy in my own skin
Well done Becky, looks like you've turned a corner there. That always feels good. You will be at goal in no time. :D
glad you are feeling really positive becks
i'm sure you will be on rtm before too long
daisy x
great to hear you feeling so positive again, well done x


Making it all add up
Way to go Becky - really pleased to see you in such a positive & determined frame of mind.

You WILL succeed


Silver Member
Well done Becks! Keep going, and you'll easily be a very comfortable 14 in a couple of weeks, and how great are you going to feel getting all those compliments from old friends :) Really pleased you're feeling so positive again xx


Playing the Angel
Well done hun!! It is great to hear you sounding so much happier, you really have turned a corner and I wish you all the best for the rest of your journey :)

(Lucy - I met your sis last night!!!! :D ;))
Isn't she fab?! It's her that inspired me to start - and has supported me all the way through - I love her lots :D :D

We saw our dad together last weekend - I don't think he can quite come to terms with the massive change in BOTH his daughters :)

Oooops - sorry for hijacking your thread Becks! xx


is loving CWP xx
Thank you so much for all your lovely comments above.

I am so pleased as I have lost 5lb this week. It really has given me such a boost. My BMI is now below 30 so I am now officially overweight, Wahoo!!!

I feel so much better after a big loss and all the compliments that I am getting now are really helping.

I feel fab.

Thanks again for all your support x x


Happy in my own skin
Wow fantastic!, keep up the good work...:D


I Can Do This!
I am so pleased as I have lost 5lb this week. It really has given me such a boost. My BMI is now below 30 so I am now officially overweight, Wahoo!!!
Whoop Whoop!! :happy096:

You can do anything in this frame of mind Becks! Huge congratulations on the step down into a BMI below 30. Great feeling isn't it! xx
Well done Becky

I can SO remember how great it felt to get to overweight BMI. I was so chuffed.
Well done you!
A huge well done from me too Becks - I too remember how amazing it felt to move from Obese to Overweight - I was walking on air for days :D
Really pleased for you - enjoy it! xx

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