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Italian meal

:jelous: Can anyone help me please. im going on a girlie weekend and its only my second wek at ww. im finding the diet great but im a bit worried about the weekend. We're booked for an italian meal and i havent a clue about the points i'll be eating. I will be having Pesto Pollo (chicken breast, roasted veg,tomatoes served with pesto sauce.) It sounds very high in pro points but im a bit of a fussy eater, ive had this before i was dieting and enjoyed it. Any help please. xxxxxxx:wave_cry:
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Which Italian are you going to be eating at? Sometimes if it's a chain restaurant they put the nutritional information of the menu items on their website, to which you can calculate the pro points accurately.
ask for the pesto sauce on the side so you can control how much you have. That sounds like a healthy option.

I had a girly night out last Friday at an italian place.

I had breaded mozzarella in tomatow sauce, Spinach pasta oin tomato sauce with prawns and brocoli, Poached pears with ice cream, cream and chocolate sauce. A few olives and a calypso coffee. plus a G&T. ( I started out with good intentions but couldnt resist when I got there)

And I lost 4lbs come weigh in day on Thursday which brought me to my 1st stone lost. I made up my mind that that night out cost me my weeklies and stuck to the plan for the rest of week.

Imagine 6 pp for the chicken. Checked on the WW planner and 30g of pesto sauce is 5PP


I can haz cake?
well done for picking a relatively healthy option. All you can do is estimate based on what you know... if you want to count cazzabella seems to be on a good ball point figure.

If I have a night out planned and know I won't have a huge amount of control I would sometimes write off my weeklies entirely and just eat the meal and enjoy it. I have a carvery coming up in a months time (a big family do I can't avoid or feign sickness from :p) so I'll be writing off my weeklies for it :)

If it does end up going wrong, just don't worry about it. One day of bad eating is really insignificant when you make sure the other 6 are really good days! x
Totally agree with the others - I wouldn't worry about trying to point everything for that meal. Just write off your weeklies and stick to the plan on the other days. I would always rather have what I want on a meal out (within reason!) and not feel that I have eaten something I don't really enjoy and yet I've paid good money for it. Hope you have a great time.
Tavistock is name of italian not sure if its a chain.
Thanks to everyone for your help. I'll save my weekly points but they were for my drinks lol. I dont want to make you all jealous but im going to see Take That in concert after the meal so i'll just have to dance the calories off. Thanks x

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