It's all about ME ME ME!!!

Morning all

I've only just found this site. I'm a gal who needs to lose 10 stone minimum and have lost 21 pounds so far in 3 weeks.

Absolutely loving the CD so far, i'm amazed at how many things you can make out of powder!

Anyway, as you can see from the title of this thread, this weight loss journey is all abut ME ME ME. I'm not doing this for anyone else but me, i'm sick and tierd of not being able to do certain things (or feeling too scared to try) becasue i'm overweight. I've never been more determined in my life to reach my goal, i'm feeling so determined!!!!!!
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Welcome Sue,
You can do this - there are times that will be tough but stick to the diet and you will lose weight - I did and no one was a more pathetic and useless dieter than me!
This forum is a great support so feel free to celebrate/moan/cry etc!
Gotta dash my new 11am client has just turned up!
All the best,


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Hi Sue

A big part of how I am handling things this time around is to be a little bit more selfish, and make this about me, so good on ya! :cool:


Lovin it !!! :)
hi and welcome - congrats on your fantastic weight loss so far !:D
Good luck in your journey !


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Hey Sue youre in good company now. We will be with you all the way to goal. Nothing wrong with a little "ME" time.


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Hi sue,

Mega congratulations for getting 3 weeks done and dusted and 21lbs. off is an excellent weight loss.

Losing weight is about the 'me' as at the end of the day this is the only one your ultimately answerable too!!!

It will not be long before your ticking off on your list of things you want to change and do...

The transformation in just a few months can be amazing and the health benefits gained are priceless.:)

Well done.

Love Mini xxx


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You are right and there are times when we must put ourselves first. As a wife and mother it is often difficult to do this but we need to want to lose weight for ourselves rather than someone else and we can do this
Irene xx


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It's got to be about "Me me me" sometimes, hasn't it? Took me a while to grasp that idea:rolleyes:

You have to value yourself to be able to make the changes and you certainly are doing that Sue.

Keep it up honey. We're all with you.:)

Lacey :D


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great to see you, well done so far. and yes, it's got to be about ourselves, sometimes selfish is good
Evening all

I've just had my first AAM! Can't really call it a meal as the portion was very small, but it did feel really strange eating "normal" food after 4 weeks of SS'ing! I'm hoping it won't give me any cravings, i've been following CD properly and haven't let anything pass my lips apart from Cd products and water!

I'm not getting weighed for 2 weeks as my CD is away so I'm hoping for a big loss!

Fingers crossed xx


Welcome Sue,
I'm at the same stage - week 5 and just started AAM too! I find that I'm more easily satisfied by the small amount of food. Must be learning something!!!
Thanks Karen! I feel really positive. It definitely helps that the weight is falling off, every time i step on the scales i'm pleasantly suprised.

I've got a girlie Newquay weekend planned for end of July and would love nothing more than to be 6 stone lighter, which should be feesable if i carry on the way i am. I have piccies of last year's trip to Newquay and everytime I look at them I think "There is no way i'm going to be that overweight this time". I'm excited to see the before and after pics!



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Wow that would be fab for you to be six stones lighter by then!!! It is totally within your reach hun!!

You remind me of myself when i first did the diet, it's great to see yourself transform in front of the mirror innit? Best time of my life going through that transformation... enjoy it!


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Thanks Sue. I got to my goal in May last year and have put 20lbs on since then - i'm up and down like a yo yo and it's v annoying! I'm a feast or famine kind a gal and i need to quit the feasting haha.


Trying Hard!
S: 25st0lb C: 22st0lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 49.7 Loss: 3st0lb(12%)
love the girlie weekend as a goal to aim at, you're going to have such a great time.