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Its all gone a bit wrong....


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Hi guys..

I've fallen of the SSing wagon! and I'm truly shocked at how weak my resolve is at the moment. I'd decided that I would allow myself 1 'meal off' - and I did last Sunday, My family and I had a lovely meal at my favourite chinese, (although I found I could only eat a very small amount and stuck maintly to steamed seafood) .. I really enjoyed it, drew a line under it and went straight back to SSing.

Then disaster struck on Monday, my DD started being sick at about lunch time, nothing would stay down not even water.. it hadn't taken me long to realise that she had been poisened and it must have been by the landlord who had been gardening that morning had been using weedkiller and sprayed the area where Evie plays. I'm still totally dumbfounded that a respocible adult can use such toxic herbisides in our garden without telling us. Total negligence. ( sorry about spelling, stupid spelling checker )

Any way so off to hospital where various calls were made to various experts about the ingriedients of the weed killers and in the mean time poor little Evie couldn't keep anything down and barely had the energy to be sick, very high blood pressure and temperature. Total nightmare as all parents can appreciate. After an agonising wait she started to get better quite quickly realy, and is now back home. But I just feel so dejected with everything.. I'm so glad she's better but the night of watching her every breath totally afraid beyond anything I've ever known and I still feel like Im living in that bubble. But she's better!! it's crazy.. anyway, after not eating anything for the past 2 days I've just eaten a load of chicken, piles of brocoli and piles of carrots and swede. and I don't think I'm finished, I want chocolate, I want my mum (whats wrong with me) and I just want to feel like we're all safe again. (but we are)

hmm maybe I just needed to let that out coz I'm now crying my eyes out!!

Still want chocolate though.
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oh you poor thing my little boy was really ill last week with the sickness thats going around he didnt eat for 4 days and was being sick all the time! we were at the hospial all day Sunday as he was dihidrated and i could get him to drink anything but he is better now it is horrid when your kids are ill I too am far from my family my mum and dad are over 100 miles away so not round the corner when times are crap its funny that no matter how old you get you still want your mum! Anyway you really need to resist the Choc if you can and drink tones of water. I do hope you feel loads better soon a cry is always good for this i find
Awww Roosters - sounds like you've a right old time of it :(

((BIG HUGS)) to you and Evie.....

What an awful thing to have happened to her - I'm sure you were utterly terrified .....so please please please don't beat urself up about eating - your little one is much more important....and you reached for something cos you needed comfort...and YOUR comfort was food - so what !!

Resist the choccy if you can....and stick to protein foods (chicken / fish etc) that way you'll not load up the glycogen store again (I think :rolleyes: !!)

Course it would've been better if you hadn;t eaten....but then it would also have been better if your silly landlord had told what he'd been doing :mad: hope you gave him what for !

Glad Evie is home safe and sound - hope she's on the mend...and that you start to feel a little better soon :)

lotsa love



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S: 16st11.0lb C: 15st13.0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 36 Loss: 0st12lb(5.11%)
Thank you for the kind words.. I do feel better after letting out some emotions, I must've been holding on to them too long in the hosp. will try not to eat. the diet just doesn't seem important at the moment, although i know me, and it will tomorrow and I'll be so cross with myself for cheating. So I'll try not to!

Thanks again.. what a lovely bunch of people you miniminers are!
Hiya Roosters, I did wonder where you had gone, hope you are feeling a bit better now, what an awful time for you.

I am always a believer that when doing CD you cant have any other focus apart from that, so Im not surprised you fell off.

Now all is steady again, please take a step back and a deep breath, you are over half way there hun x

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