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It's all gone wrong

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Black is white and the world is square and if anyone dissagrees with me watch out cos I'm always right!!!!
Thats how I feel tonight, so come on here to have a GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR and then I may feel better without running for the food.
I have felt for the last 6 hours or so that I live with idiots. The simplist of tasks cann't get done right, O/H meddles when he shouldn't and bu**ers everything up, youngest daughter lives like she is in Steptoes yard, but thinks its ok to be "relaxed", son who apparently thinks he is going to get a degree in history, cann't even wash up properly, and eldest daughter lives in bl**dy cookoo land, and keeps telling me to chill. Chill, I am so chilled I'm positively frostie tonight. I'm like the ice queen with evil on her mind. Must I do everything in the house, is there no one capable of doing a job to a decent standard anymore. I feel like putting the maids outfit on and pulling the forelock, curtsying and saying yes ma lord and yes ma lady. Idle sods. I want to leave home....I am fed up with them living off my energy and bennefitting from my efforts without contributing back, talk about swimming against the tide. It would be easier to lug a concrete joist round all day with me. I need respect for my efforts, not taking for granted. And another thing, I've cut the plug of the telly in temper so they cann't sit on their arses watching that now,
Oh yes I have lost it big time tonight peeps, but its helped thrashing the keyboard to bits, could have been the O/H, might still be if he don't shape up quick.
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CG! stress level9.

I have 3 smalls and a hubby who would sit on their bums all day too if allowed. I find the eldest and youngest (both girls) more likely to help than the rest.

I am sorry that you are having a hard time. Thinking of you.
G: 10st10lb
Feeling much calmer now after comming on here. Thank goodness for minimins. I think I would deffinately have been a maxibums by morning if I had dived into the fridge and comfort ate, but the minis have saved me.

Oh and O/H has shiffted his bum into action and put the plug back on the telly. see, they can do things when they want to lol.
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lol my bug bear is from my OH is i've done the washing up for you......FOR ME,,MY WASHING UP! are they not your tea plates as well!?? grrr! lol now how your feeling hun ((Hugs)) :D


I will succeed!!!
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Awww hun!

Ok, I'll tell you a little story *pulls up chair*

My two sisters are 9 and 7 years older than me (wasn't planned lol) and when we were kids, Dad used to work away a lot to make more money. As a result, Mum was often with us alone for a few weeks at a time. She was a stay at home Mum until I was 5, but then went back to work. So sometimes it was a 'all hands on deck' situation and my sisters and I helped Mum (and Dad) a lot where we could.


This was after Mum went on strike one weekend. I think she'd got to the point where she was missing my Dad, was stressed having two teenage daughters and a younger daughter (so 2 school runs before work etc) and keeping house whilst working full time. We still helped about then, but I remember one weekend, Dad came home and we all wanted Dad time. She never told us she was on strike, but stuff wasn't getting done - the fairies had not been and put the laundry away, or made dinner etc. It was ok cause she never had to say anything, we all kinda knew and fixed it. We then had a nice family chat about how Mum sometimes felt alone while Dad was away and missed him as well as being tired, and when he came home us three ran to him and she felt sidelind a bit and that she needed time with him too, and more help.

We all realised how much she did then, and we got a rota made up to share stuff out. It worked well and though there were still times where she had to tell us to do stuff, we usually felt really awful for upsetting her. Dad even stopped working away as much to help and we just made do for the lower wages from him.

Thing is CG - you might not feel loved and appreciated, but you are. They just don't show it. It might be worth you sitting down and speaking to them - family conference style - and that you feel the way you do. Hopefully they will realise and help more.

You're so lovely CG and if we all love you to bits without ever meeting you, just imagine how much your family love you! I was a pretty good kid but I look back and sometimes cringe at how much I took them for granted at times, both parents...so though you may have days where you feel like this - they all adore you. Just make it clear and maybe try going on strike...show them what you do!

Hugs xxx
G: 10st10lb
Thank you for that, it was lovely, I agree, a family conference is whats needed, trouble is mine tend to be me lobbing the dinner out the back door. then they take notice lol. Feeling better today thankfully. We do have a rota up, but I don't think any off them can read, I dunno education today!

Oh and mustn't forget, I have to be the marter in all this as well, own worse enemy springs to mind lol. xx


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It sounds like you need a nice relaxing bubble bath in a bathroom full of candles with a chilled bottle of wine and some relaxing music - and the man of your dreams in the bath with you.....enjoy it my love and shut the world out for a while......hugs and best wishes coming your way. XXX

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