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It's all in the mind!

Now then! :)

Just thought I'd put down some of my feelings from today and see if it strikes a chord with anyone...

After watching the DVD before starting the LT diet, it made me quite interested in the psychology behind the TFR. I'd only ever considered the physical side of it (ketosis, achieving weight loss etc), however, it talked about food addiction and breaking bad habits. It was very interesting and I could see where they're coming from, as in going "cold turkey" from proper food is necessary in re-educating yourself about how to eat.

Anyway, here I am on day 2 of LT, and I'm starting to see how this psychology applies to my own mind. There were various points today when I really fancied eating something "naughty", and it categorically was not because I was physically hungry. I had a bit of a moment of clarity, and finally realised that I am in fact a comfort eater! :eek:

Now I know this sounds ridiculous, but I'd never actually realised that this is how I treat food, I always thought I ate because I was hungry (just made bad choices about what I ate!) Turns out on closer inspection that I've been eating out of boredom and for comfort, and out of sheer habit. It has made me face the reality of why I am and have been overweight for the past 20 odd years. It's time for me to change all that, and re-evaluate my habits. I'm feeling very "zen" about the whole lipotrim thing, almost as if I have to purify myself to change my mind-set and therefore my body for the better.

Heavy! :D

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I know exactly what you mean. I'ts very much a eye opener isn't it.
On day 3 or 4 my husband had to literally restrain me from dipping my chubby little fingers into my son's haribo's. And the way i felt really surprised me, i really felt like i was hyperventalating, i wanted/needed something NICE. I realised then i was a food ADDICT and at that most "naughty" foods were my friend and closet companion.
I still feel that some days though even though i'm into my second week!
Good luck on your LT journey


Here we go again!
Good for you Clara, it's great when we get these realisations.

I realised the other day that everyday after work I would think, right, what have I got home in the cupboards for snacks tonight? I had to make sure I had plenty in cos I would really panic if there wasn't anything in. I didn't necessarily eat something every night but just had to make sure there was something there. Like you say, it's all in the mind.

Last time on LT I used keep buying the things I fancied and gave them to my hubby and daughter. Why did I keep doing that? I was feeding them what I would have usually had. I don't do that this time!

Sorting out some of your demons while on TFR is such a huge thing and well done for that. Hope there's more to come!
Cheers! It's very illuminating isn't it! Mindless eating is such a danger trap, one I didn't even realise. I nearly popped a bit of my friend's son's popcorn into my mouth yesterday, I don't even like sweet popcorn! It was just cos it was there!
Ah well, knowledge is power as they say! :)


Here we go again!
You're absolutely right Clara. The more we learn about ourselves the better. We just have to remember these things when we are eating again.

Hopefully these realisations will help us to control our weight for a long time to come. Here's hoping!
so true

I totally agree with everthing you said,my worsrt thing i have noticed about me is eating the kids food, as you say its not because i am hungry its just habit,every time i opened a packet of crisps or sweets my hand just went automatically in which i only realised since i started this diet.I have also begged the children to make sure they scrape there plates as this is another one of my down falls.So now i have relised i do these things hopefully when i finish this diet i won't go back to my old ways,:eek: Catherine x
Hey hun - I totally know what you mean - and it's a scary moment when you realise that food has become a habit and not just fuel. I realised the other day that I was truly addicted to the motion of eating and the comfort food has brought me. It really shocked me to be honest. Going "cold turkey" with food is comparable to a drug addict getting clean. Effing hard work!

Good luck with your weight loss journey hun - we're with you all the way xxx


Back on the diet train...
that was a lovely post hun. deep yet so true.

last time i tried this diet i hated it an got angry an upset wiv it an one night i was avin a cry to my mum bout how i hated the diet an life etc an that food was my friend so why shud i b wivout an my mum sed to me. how can food be ur friend wen its makin u ill, unhappy an overweight???

its only now that i can honestly look at the way i was eatin an say that i was a comfort/emotional eater be that happy or sad and that food isnt my friend its fuel to survive.

the hard part about avin a food addiction is that u cant get away from it like wiv drugs an alcohol, u dnt need those things 2 survive but u do wiv food.

im now learnin to deal wiv things in a way that doesnt involve food.

great post hun

Just a little add in - you wouldn't ask a heroin addict to shoot up 3 times a day to survive - yet we're all told we have to eat three times a day to survive. You can't go into rehab for food. You can't not eat anything at all.

Bex - I love what your mum said. I'm going to remember that - how can food be my friend if it's making me ill, unhappy and overweight. Well said Bex's mum! xxx

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