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Its been a while..........

Hi lovely ppl,

well i havent been around here in a while! Came off cambridge beginning of June after messing about for last 2 weeks in may and then went on holiday. Got back my holidays 2 weeks ago and i begin my restart 2moro!
wait for this...................in the 5 weeks that i was off diet-- I DIDNT PUT ON A THING!!! NOT EVEN HALF A LB!! i dont know how this is humanly possible as i was eating 3 meals a day on holiday and wasn't caring about a thing but somehow i've managed not to put any on!! im well chuffed!!! wen i stepped on my cdcs scales i thought i was gonna pass out with shock!!
anyway lots of new dreams and goals and hope u r all doing fantastic! let me know any gossip i've missed and how u r all doing! oh and hello to all the newbies who i havent met in the past 6 weeks!
cant wait to get to kno u all more!


sorry its been so long.....lost my way for a while but im back on the right road now :D
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Hi Lisa, I'm a 'newbie'!
Well done on no gain and good luck with your re-start tomorrow.
I started a couple of weeks ago, gave up after 3 days but am re-starting on Tuesday and will do it properly this time!!


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Hi Lisa, glad you had a good holiday and didn't put any weight on...how'd ya manage that? Were you drinking alcohol and what kinda meals were you eating, or exercising?
I'm fairly new, today is day 10 ss for me and my first ever time on cd and so far loving it, am totally addicted to this site tho as i think that is what is getting me through each day. Best of luck with your re start.xx
wait for this...................in the 5 weeks that i was off diet-- I DIDNT PUT ON A THING!!! NOT EVEN HALF A LB!!
well done you :D that is great !!!

Debz x
Hi Lisa,
Long time no see. It's great to see you back.
Hope you had a fab holiday. x
Hi Liz its great to be back!
Im glad ur still doing fab.

Airgirl-- i dont know how i managed not to put on weight-- i ate 3 meals a day, not healthy ones, and drank fizzy juice and some alcohol, not a lot of alcohol maybe only 2-3 drinks tops a night but i ate loads. i really dont know how i did it as i was expecting to put on a good half a stone!

thanku all for welcoming me back! day 1 today- working til 8 this eve so i'l be back on then unless i get a sneaky chance at work!! xx


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hey. welcome back and good luck with your restart :) and big congrats on staying the same... i don't think i'm going to manage that on my hols in a couple of months... ha.

abz xx


getting slimmer
i'm new ish too, 4 week weigh in on fri.
i'm loving it! coming off so quick, finding hard not to snack though!!

hope you had a fantsic holiday and congrats for putting on NO weight. xx


Step away from the chips!
Great to see you back and wishing you loads of success with your restart. Well done on STS while you had your time off - wow!

btw you look fab in your new avatar pic!

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