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It's Friday! Hurray! Let's Do It Hour by Hour!

Morning all, thank goodness it's Friday!

Well I'm hoping for a better day today, after day 1 of my personal challenge went horribly wrong!!!

I still have 7 days until the party I'm going to, so I can still do a full 7 days.

The weather here is atrocious! Just watching the weather forecast and they have specifically mentioned North Wales as having a weather warning. The weather map has a circle of weather in that awful green colour which means heavy rain, right above me :tear_drop::mad::tear_drop:!

Ahhhh well, maybe the water around will remind me to drink more today!
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is Special :P
Morning westiegirl. The weather here is horrible as well i just got drenched on the run up to the office haha and at the moment i havent got a swipe card for the building cos im a newbie so i have to wait in the cold looking sad till someone feels sorry for me hehe.
I hope day 2 is better for you.... i have a bit of a challenge myself. My best friend is getting married in Australia in December i havent seen her for nearly 2 years i think a lot will be expected of me by other people... plus id like to look half decent and not ruin her wedding photos.
Good Luck with Day 2.
Taz x
Hi Taz

Hope you dry out soon!

What a fab motivation - a wedding. I did really well on LL last year because I had exactly the same motivation last October - my best friends wedding. The extra motivation I had was that my ex fiance (who's the brother of the groom) was the official photographer. If I do say say so myself, I looked pretty fine!!! (photos are on the link in my signature if you fancy a look). Made him realise what he was missing ;)!

Trouble is that I've slid backwards a bit and now need to find a motivation of equal stature, but I don't think I could ever top that!

Sarah M

Getting the hang of this
Morining girls,

Im knackered this morning, I went to a massive indoor play area for adults last night, which my work hired out for us, its was great, we had loads of fun, it was like being a kid again! Thank goodness its Friday, shoud be a pretty quiet day at work today (fingers crossed) so roll on 3.45 as its hometime!

CD is still going really well, i think its day 18 today, looking forward to my next WI already.
Hope everyone has great days xx
Morning all :)

I hope everyone is feeling good today.

SarahM the indoor play area sounds a laugh, I didn't even know there was such a thing as those for adults. Do you mean just like the ones they do for kids but adult sized stuff in it?

Taz - sorry to hear you got soaked!

Good luck Westie for the next day of your SS challenge :)



Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Morning folks, a packed day for me today...2 clients this morning then off to town to try and by a jumper to take away as I am so cold. We are going up to Blackpool this afternoon and staying over until late Saturday. Might even need my thermals...lol.:D

Won't get my weigh in this week until Sunday so must stay focused while I'm away. Got Tetras and bars to take with me and gallons of water (maybe not quite).:tear_drop:

Hope every one has a good day...and lets hope the weather brightens up,

Take care
morning all,
have got weigh-in today at 1.45 so will post results later so fingers crossed!!,
probally wont get on again till i post results as am going out in a mo gotta go to my ds school then off to mums then we going into town, must remember to glug away on water tho
have a good day everyone and good luck to anyone else with weigh-ins
Morning all

Day off for me today - little one in nursery so a chance for me to get all my bits and pieces done.

Went to see Joseph on Wednesday - it was SO good - i would def recommend it to anybody who's thinking of going. Anyone been to see Les Mis? That is next on my list so need to start searching for some good tickets. Got Take That in Nov/Dec too - anyone going to that?

Weigh in at 9am - i know that i'm going to be disappointed as i weighed myself this morning and its going to be half a pound loss if i'm lucky. i had lost 1 and a half but i seem to have put a pound back on (dont ask me how!) Bit annoying as this is taking so much longer than i first anticipated but hey ho, got to keep at it.

Have a good day all and chat later

Les mis is one of my favourite musicals. Brilliant and the songs are lovely.

I went and saw Billy Elliot last actually and i was a bit sceptical because it was a film i enjoyed but the musical it has to be said is better than the film it was fantastic. The boy i went to see was amazing considering he had never done Ballet before.

Taz X

I'll have to put Joseph on my list for when i have some money.
morning all.

DD1 is off school today for a teacher training day so need to keep the kids occupied. weather is rubbish so dont fancy going to the park really. Might go shopping and treat them to some new clothes. Need to get some housework done first though.

Good luck for WI's today. Jodie how much did you pay for your joseph tickets?
Good Morning everyone,

Sounds like we all have rubbish weather today... It's been throwing it down all throughout the early hours here, it may have stopped now but our planned trip to the park will be a muddy one. I promised my little girl that we'd go leaf collecting today so we could make some pictures with them...she wants to paint them too :rolleyes: I can imagine the mess already.

Anyway, we've not even had our wash yet, we woke up at 8ish and have just been pottering about a bit, so I better scedaddle and get ready for the day ahead. I need WELLIES. I should have got some ages ago in B&Q, apparently they are roomy for big calves although mine have gone a lot smaller since I began CD I still had problems the other day trying on some lovely boots in Clarks :rolleyes::mad: They must make em for little skinnies only eh??

So, better go guys, the phone....the phone is ringing.....(wonderpets stylee)...
that was my Mum, we are now going to my parents for the day :D that always puts a smile on mine and my dd's face:D

catch up tonight hopefully.

P.S. I did a ketostix this morning and I'm still in thankfully, I had more cottage cheese than I should, had a 300g pot over 2 days instead of 3 days but thank goodness it didn't bring me out of K.

ttfn xx sj xx
oh, good look with weigh in babes. ;) You'll do great!!!

xx sj xx

That means i have only lost 8lbs in the last 4 weeks which is really bad.

I've had an apple a day but I cant believe that could have made such a huge difference!? I'm also out of ketosis so don't know what is going on......:cry:

I am not obsessing on getting to my "goal weight" - i will know when i am slim but at the moment i am still fat so i'm worried that my weight is just going to get stuck at this level.

Although i feel down the good thing is that i am not thinking about food to cheer me up - i think i'm totally over the comfort eating thing. I suppose that is a big achievement in itself.

I think i will start a personal challenge for the next 7 days. I need to up my water intake and try to do some exercise - 2 things that i've been neglecting somewhat - off to start a new thread



Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Chin up JJJ you have done so well. Hang in there and it will move.
Make sure you have all your water this week and no apples.....it is probably the apple that has taken you out of Ketosis...it ferments and turns to sugar.
Join the 7 day thread and keep focused and next week you WILL have a weight loss.
Take care and don't let it get you down we all have weeks like this...you can do it.

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