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it's FRIDAY, lets do it hour by hour!!


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hi guys, day 4 for me. been tossing and turning for an hour in bed, trying to get more sleep, no chance:( eyes wide open!

I need fibre....won't go into detail but I deffo need it:mad:

I was dreading this. I think Cambridge should also supply extra fibre as a back up.... I read someones post (not sure who) and she is having terrible trouble...I knew this would happen :mad: I've posted a new thread for for ideas of what to take....

how you guys doin???
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Good Morning!
Hope you are well! I have had a good night and feel refreshed, the headache that was bugging me last night has gone!
I had 3 1/2 litres of water yesterday, and a couple of coffees along with my foodpacks, a good day for me!!!
Hope everyone has a good one!:D:D:D


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hi spooky, glad you're feeling good hun, You are doing really well in your weight loss.
It's day 4 for me and I feel ok, a bit groggy with a fuzzy headache still, but that could be because of my TOTM or lack of sleep, don't know what keeps me awake, ketosis or the excitement of losing weight... or the fact that I wake up busting for the toilet and therefore at 6am that walk to the bathroom is enough to wake me up entirely!!!

heres to a good day and duclolax!!! :D hope it works.


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well i managed to clean, tidy and turn around the bedrooms yesterday, it took al day but I got there! was very tempted last night but i managed to say NO! Out today round a friends, will pop on just before i go. best of luck everyone.
Much better thanks, My headache has gone and I slept quite well!
Glugging away though, I am aiming for 4 litres today! Have been gradually increasing it this week. At the start I was only drinking 2 1/4 litres and yesterday I had 3 1/2:D:D:D


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well done paula, wow, bet you're thrilled. keep up the good work.....imagine if you had eaten that bread! WELL DONE YOU x x x x


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mocha, do you have fizzy water?? i am not a water drinker,,,been up 2 hours and not had any yet, got to go to chemist in a minute so dont want to be in agony wanting a wee while i'm out.
ANyway, I have fizzy water with the berry flavour, so much easier to drink, been on four ltrs since day one, only because of the flavouring. xxx signing off for a bit to go and get my laxatives xxxx
morning all
#well done paula on your loss thats brill
well yesterday i glugged my way through 6 litres am in ketosis now so feel good today got on the scales an 5lb lighter in 2 days waahay
hope everyone else is ok
Well done itsnowornever.I always drink 6 litres my counciller says it helps the weight loss even quicker,its a bloody nightmare though is'nt itxx
Omg, how do you manage 6 litres, I only have 2 1/2 to 3, anymore I feel like i`m drowning lol


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Morning all

Well done Paula and well done itsnowornever!

I do have fizzy water sometimes Sophia but I don't have any flavouring yet. I like it plain though so that's lucky!

Good luck everyone for today

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