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It's Friday***lets Do It Hour By Hour***


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The rain is back at the weekend.
NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! :cry: I've been waiting months for my garden to be landscaped, they're supposed to be finishing it tomorrow!! :(

On the up side, I've just jumped on the scales and have now hit my stone mark....in just 15 days of restart. Am well chuffed :D


On a mission!
Morning all,

Just dashing out to work, hope everyone has a great day! :)


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Morning all have great days xxx

It's gloomy here now and I have visitors all weekend and all our plans include outside things grrrrr why does it rain on this weekend every year!!!


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Morning allll :)

It's a gorgeous day here in East Yorks. perfect for a long walk.
Being guzzling water already this morning and peeing well lol.
Good luck to all those that have weigh ins today and keep up the good work to those that don't.

Have a great one
Gaynor x


need to be old goofy me
Today i'm off work... and have nowhere to go really, so i'm going to be pottering around the house all day. This is probably going to be a day i'm going to find it tougher since i'm not mega busy and keeping my mind occupied with other things.

Today i've had a chocolate orange shake ~ well only i made it into a hot fudge in the microwave ~ Yum Yum in my tum! Only had around 3/4 of a litre so far today, but considering i've only been up since 9am, i've still loads of time.

I can notice that i've lost weight, but no one else can, or if they have they haven't said anything. [People who know i'm on CD don't count ~ they probably just say it to make me feel better]. Thats whats keeping me going at the moment. Sneaky peaks on the scales say i haven't lost a sausage since my WI on Monday... GRR!! I've been really sticking to it, drinking my water etc... Plus, i always use my scales to WI, not my CDC's as i usually only go there once a fortnight. Fingers crossed they move in the right direction by monday or i'll :cry:



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I feel much better today (day 4) can't wait to get weighed next Tuesday!! I am so excited :D

I really want a massive energy boost tomorrow as I have loads to do in the garden!
morning all :D

quiet enough day for me the usual!! might go into town later. Not a good day here wet and miserable erghh hate it. day 4 of my restart still no ketones dont know whats going on usually by day 3im in the pink.hopefully tomorrow morning.scales are showing a loss and thats all that matters :D Hope everyone has a fab day, nearly the weekend woohoo :) goodluck to anyone with wi's

becky xx
It's gloomy here now and I have visitors all weekend and all our plans include outside things grrrrr why does it rain on this weekend every year!!!
Well, we're going camping! Looks like we'll have all the hassle of having to dry out the tent (and it's a big tent) and groundsheets when we get back. Oh, joy. :mad:


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Morning all! Just got back from B&Q, have bought a few new plants so will put them in a bit later. It's warm here, not hot but warm enough, although quite cloudy and the sun keeps going in!

Another lb off this morning, am so pleased!

Have a good day all! xx


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Morning all...or should I say afternoon!
Im very late posting today!

Weather starting to pick up in Dublin a little bit! Hoping to go for a walk later so fingers crossed the rain holds off.

Struggling a little on the water these days. Really trying my best to manage 3litres!
Afternoon all

Another busy one for me..collected boss from Hospital,foot op!been to Sainsburys and now got to finish washing and ironing and pop to pet shop to buy cat bits.
Kids at work are finally getting their kittens(We lost a cat last year with FIP)only thing was rescue place wanted us to take Mum too,so by the time I arrive on Monday I will also have three cats to look after as well as the Kids and their parents and the other animals we have dotted about!
Had Weigh in-another 3lb off,surely this will be the last month of a stone loss as really need to think about working up the plans very shortly
Hope everyone has a lovely day and a great weekend,as you all seem to disappear at the weekend!have a lovely time everyone off to the Glasgow meet!

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