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its friday night! and to some it means....


i love my family!
....drinking night!

whos going to own up to having a drink?

ive not gone off plan at all foodwise! ive eaten all the right foods BUT ive had 2 big bottles of lambrini. i know it wont do me much harm if i dont do it all the time but its making me feel guilty knowing ive had like about a hundred sins in 1 night :break_diet:
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OOO I Love lambrini, esp the pink bubbly stuff, but i don't drink very often so it always goes right to my head. So far tonight i've just had apple juice, so i've been good all day.


rainbows holiday buddy :)
So far tonight i've just had apple juice, so i've been good all day.
:eek: you may aswell use your sins on alcohol - not apple juice! lol

i've had 8 minstrels and now i want more! grrrrrrr


always lurkin around!
well ive not but have a couple 4 me plz stef xx


i love my family!
i think ive done well. as an ex heavy drinker (2 bottles of white wine a night) ive done well cutting it down to a drink once a week! i hate drinking during the week now! the only thing that used to stop me doing this diet was my heavy drinking.

im really pleased with myself! i can do this xxx


i love my family!
infact i will share with you what i do during the week rather than drink like i used too. i put my darling children to bed around 6.30 and then i climb into bed myself. i snuggle my lovely man and we chat or watch tv. i go onto my mums website aimed at northwest mums and have a chat with them too. i do anything rather than drink, cos i dont want to turn into my mother who wasted her life drinking xxx
I don't drink so feel very lucky on that front - only I have another addiction...much higher in calories unfortunately - the dreaded chocolate.

so far, I have resisted all temptation

well ive just got in from a night out and i drank soda & lime all nite and danced my bootie off !!!

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