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It's getting harder!!!

Hi, i've just discovered this site, was googling 'weight loss' for inspiration cos I keep hanging off the wagon (not completely fell off yet)!

Well, i've been doing the WW Points Plan since the end of September 2007, I'd been living in Dublin and piled on nearly 2 stone cos of the hectic social life over there. Was mortified when I came home and decided to take action and join WW. In total i've lost 2 stone 10lbs and I have another 1 stone 3lbs to go!

Just lately, i've found that the weight isnt coming off as fast as it was. Now I dont know if this is down to the fact that i'm getting closer to my target and therefore reaching a plateau or the fact that my points allowance is reducing and my food intake isnt!! I'm not that bad but, for example, this week i've had a chippy (portion of chips and sausage), 2 Chineses (Foo Yung/Soft Noodles and Chicken Chow Mein) and a Subway Melt!! I've actually calculated all of these to be within my Points allowance but I still feel like i'm being naughty!!

And also, I went to a wedding fair with my friend and had a little sample of carrot cake, a little sample of choc cake and a doughnut dipped in a wonderful chocolate fountain... oh and at work the other day I had 2 tiny slices of someone's birthday cake... I keep forgetting to add these little bits to my tracker and i'm scared i'm going completely over and not realising.

Also, even though the Chineses/Chippy are not making me go over my Points, surely it isnt wise to have these three times a week even though, technically, it's allowed??? Is this slowing my weight loss down?

I do 100 sit ups every day and go on my stepper and burn 100 cals a day off.. I'm thinking of increasing this to 200 cals!

Also, I'm 6ft and I now weigh 12 stone 10lbs. My BMI is 24.1 which means I'm not even overweight but I can still grab a big handful of flab from around my middle. How the bloody hell can I shift this?

Thanks for listening! xx
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Queen of the Damned
Hiya Special K, and welcome to Minimins :wavey: Well done on your weight loss to date - sounds rather fab to me!! :clap: I'm not a WW expert, but I would have thought with all the exercise you are doing, you are toning up, gaining muscle, etc which although it weighs the same as fat will take up less space. Are you losing inches even when you're not losing pounds?? Just a thought!
Thanks very much.

I've gone from a size 18 to nearly a size 12, I can fit in some size 12 clothes but others still look a bit tight!! Think I may need to do other exercise as well as my belly still wont go down (aaaargh!!) and my hips are very big!

I am 6ft though and I have quite a big frame!! Although some of my friends have said that my frame looks smaller now i've lost weight???


Going From Flab to FAB!
S: 15st10lb C: 15st6lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 42.2 Loss: 0st4lb(1.82%)
Hey special k .. i just wanted to say welcome! ... These boards are great! Im new to and am finding the people here lovely
A great source of info and inspiration!

Youve done amazingly on your weight loss! well done! ...

If youve hit a plateu have you tried the "wendi plan" .. if you google it then it will come up! aparently thats supposed to kick start your body again! I havnt tried it but know it has worked for some people who have tried it!

S: 15st7lb C: 14st11lb G: 11st7lb Loss: 0st10lb(4.61%)
Hey hun, well done on your loss so far! I was watching some random tv programme last night and a girl on there was a normal weight for her height but had a similar problem to you- big hips and a belly that could do with a little toning. They recommended she try spinning and within 2 weeks she had lost over an inch in both places! She kept it up (3 times a week for 6 weeks) and looked amazing. Didnt change her diet or anything- I was v. impressed. It seems a bit too much like hard work for me but if you want it enough I suppose its totally worth it (personally I am too overweight at the moment to be THAT bothered about toning what I have, its more important I get the weight off first! But when I get to where you are I am sure I shall give spinning a try!) xxx
Thank you all so much for your advice, i'm so glad I stumbled across this page now!!

I think I will give spinning a go, there's actually classes just around the corner from my house so i'm gonna go and enquire now, never thought of that before.

I will go and look at that Wendi plan as well in a second and i'll report back with my progress soon.

Thanks once again xx
The wendi plan looks intriguing, I might give it a go after my weigh in this week.

I am allowed 17 pts per day, so that means a total of 119 for the week, so I can have more one day and less the others and my body may not realise that I am "dieting". Wonder if I can fool my body as well as it has been fooling with me recently lol xxx
I've just googled that Wendie Plan and I think i'm gonna try it. Apparently all I have to do is distribute my points differently or something like that.

I am allowed 21 points per day so this is a weekly total of 147 points.

According to the WP, I should eat low/high/low/v.high/v.low/high/med.high.

My Weight Watchers meeting is tomorrow, so i'll record my weight on and then i'll try it for the next week (it had better bloody work ha ha, i'm on a hen night next week and my dress only just fits)!

I'm just going to go and split my points up... Will keep you posted.
Bloody hell Cheryl, dont know how you survive on 17 points a day, I could eat that in cake in about 10 seconds ha ha!! Oh well, suppose that's how I ended up here. Think you should try it as well as me and we can compare notes xx
OK Special hun, I am up for a trial run.

17 pts - I've got used to it now, don't always use them up either. Weekends arent a problem tho, I can use em up in voddie lol xxx
Well, i've not started the Wendie Plan yet, decided against it this week as i've got a hen night on Saturday and I want to save as many points as I can for that. I also usually end up having a drink on a Friday night as well and I have a treat after WW on a Tuesday so I cant decide when to have my 'very high' day! Tuesday, Friday or Saturday??? Think I might just stick to my own plan for now, it seems to be working, albeit a little slower!!

I lost 1½ lbs this week which i'm chuffed at cos i've been eating a few cakes!! I did resist the temptation to get a doughnut from Krispy Kreme though, my friend bought 4 so I was soooo proud of myself.

I managed to save 4 points yesterday and i'm aiming to save 4 everyday for the rest of the week, so when this hen night comes around on Saturday I can eat and drink and not worry (i'll probably end up throwing it all up anyway ewww (sorry!), I drink way too much vodka on nights out)!!

Oh well, i'll keep plodding along - just read on another thread that a Cadburys Cream Egg is only 3½ points - i'm craving one now!!!

Hope everyone else is doing well xx

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