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its going.....

my determination that is.

i have totally been eating the wrong foods for the last 3 days!

its up to me now to pull it back, can i do it? or is this the slippery slope again and i start putting weight on.

I'm convinced its everyone saying how well i look and i have got complacent and I'm thinking I'm ok now!

well I'm not i have another 3 stone to go so i gotta get my butt in gear!

does anyone else get this feeling when people say how well your looking :(

im even sucking on choclate cause i cant eat it, been all gummy and toothless at moment

what spurs you back into sw mode?
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S: 107kg C: 85kg G: 79kg BMI: 33.2 Loss: 22kg(20.56%)
I would hate to put even an ounce back on and that is what spurs me on, the fear of being that big again. Life is much better this way.

It is true, you do get a bit complacent when the folks around you tell you how great you look but stop and remember how much better you could look.

Why not have a yogurt instead of sucking chocolate......I know you need the energy !!! but it is not good is it Emma.

You have done so well in such a short time........don't throw it away. What feels slim now will feel as if it was elephantine when you lose more and you will lose more cos you are a strong lady.

hugs xxxxxx
Thanks Sue, i can always rely on you and your wordsof wisdom.

its odd how you can want something so bad and then suddenly you lose track and before you know it its a downhill spiral.

your right sue i casn do this, do it for myself and feel gorgeousness by christmas.

hows your losses going now sue, i reamber a while back you were not losing any and it was getting you down.??

hope your back on track to xxxx
S: 107kg C: 85kg G: 79kg BMI: 33.2 Loss: 22kg(20.56%)
I followed the advice given by Jay Lou and MLM and have been eating loads and loads of super foods and last week lost 3 pounds and I am sure I have done the same this week as well. Will know by Saturdays WI.

You go for it Emma. All those kind folks who tell you you have done so well and look so good, are giving you words of encouragement. Not a pass to stop and eat !!!!

You know what being overweight feels like, so do all of us on here and I for one would hate to go back to that bloated, heavy , ungainly feeling.

Just think how much easier walking your doggies is. Imagine how it will feel as you drop even more sizes.

You are not slim yet. Forgive my harsh seeming words, I am not being horrid to you just honest. The same goes for me. I am not slim yet, I am riding in tandem with you there and even though folks have now started telling me I have lost enough, I just smile sweetly, say thank you, but think to myself, you walk a mile in my shoes sunshine and then come back and tell me I have lost enough.

Stick with it Emma and you will be even more gorgeous than you are now !!

lots of hugs xxxx
Thats just it Sue, pepople keep saying ' you dont want to lose anymore you wont look nice'

beginning to think they are just saying that, cause like you say im not slim :( or am i using them saying that as a excuse to eat and be naughty??.

anyway bugger it, i have just signed up for keep fit class on saturday so i will be bouncing around like a manic on saturday oh lord help me, and today im going food shopping stocking shelves with sw food.

wow your doing well with your losses again sue let us know how you get on at weigh in on saturday, do yiou do a food dairy? think i may do a fishy week, kick start things off again!

lets see if i cant get this bleeding sorted! thanks for words of advice Sue xxxx mwah
S: 107kg C: 85kg G: 79kg BMI: 33.2 Loss: 22kg(20.56%)
You are welcome Emma.

You go for it, you are going to end up looking absolutely fantastic and it will all be down to you and your hard work and will power.

I even have hubby telling me to stop now but it is not him that has being carrying *another person* around for the last 7 years.

You have lost the equivalent of an average 8 year old, so pat yourself on the back.

A fish week can be delicious I started my first one not liking fish that much but after experimenting with different recipes I ended up loving it. I ate salmon, tuna and smoked haddock. The smoked haddock was from Iceland and very inexpensive.

Let me know how you are doing Emma.

hugs xxxx

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