It's GOT to go!


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Monday is my starting point, my head is in the right place after a wakeup call last weekend. What should have been a romantic getaway became a painful experience to walk with aching joints, breathlessness and a horrible realisation that the massive woman in the hotel room mirror was ME. I avoid mirrors every day of my life, but that one caught me unawares!...and OMG what an upsetting shock that was!

I have been in and out of this wonderful forum 3 times in 18 months, so here I am again with my head in the right place and with new found determination and a reality check I'm ready to change my life, my health, my appearance and my mood and confidence FOREVER.

My lovely weekend was ruined for me by the mirror experience, the struggle to walk around town and squeezing into a restaurant seat.

Enough is enough, the last time I stepped on the scales I was nearing 21 stone. Monday morning will officially be my starting point...and next valentines day I'll be smiling at my reflection not hiding from it!!!

Look forward to chatting with everyone.
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Hi RainbowRose

first of all.. WELL DONE on getting yourself into the right frame of mind... and summing up the willpower to start.. thats the hardest part is admitting that we have to do something .. and starting on the journey...

you have your goal... next valentines day... and each day will be a step closer to that goal. .it can b done... and you will do it!!!

i started off again this yr...started first week in jan and down a stone this week.. just by healthy eating.. no crap.. and walking etc... its all about determination and willpower chick... and you have both!!

best of luck in your journey hun.. keep in touch.. and heres to a lighter healthier life for all of us

good luck x x


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Good luck to you, you sound really determined and motivated :)


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welcome back rainbowrose.

You sound in a good place and determined so hope you do great

Good luck with your first week :)


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Good luck Rose! I had a similar experience although mine wasnt with a mirror it was a photograph taken at a Christmas party with some friends, I literally cried my eyes out and I realised enough was enough time to make an effort to change my weight rather than just feeling horrible about it all the time! 16lbs lighter I feel so much happier and I know that I will end up a size 12, I just wish it wouldnt take such a long time!

Good luck and well done! x


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Hey you, You can do it, remember this isnt a diet, this is a new way of life for you. I have really enjoyed my journey, and learned to treat my body with the respect it deserves!

Good luck!


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Hi RainbowRose, good luck with the journey and keep imagining how fab you will feel and look next valentines day xxx


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Hi, can I join in? I've just got back from a weeks holiday in Russia where I was out of breath, uncomfortable and tired all the time. What should have been the holiday of a lifetime left me feeling unattractive and unfit. I've tried just about every diet going (including Hypno therapy in January which didnt work...) and am now 19st 4lbs - the heaviest I have EVER been in my life. I can't look in the mirror but equally I cant stop eating. I just don't know whats wrong with me. In my head I can see myself slimmer and I know exactly what to do but I don't do it - why????! I don't know wether to join a slimming club to get some focus and support but I think they're a con because they feed into focusing everything on weight and appearance. But then I think my life IS all about that so should I just do it anyway? Arrrggghhhh!!!! My head just goes round in circles. I have so much weight to lose that I don't know where to start.
Thanks for reading and sorry for hijacking Rose!!!
Any help or advice would be appreciated


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Just wanted to wish you luck on your journey, we can all do this together! :)


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Hi Rainbow rose

Good luck with your journey xx Love reading your posts and you are definately in the 'zone'!!! Support on here is fantastic and also by logging in it stops me from thinking about eating!!!


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Just wanted to add my support rainbow rose - i had my lightbulb moment last yr , and after yrs of dieting and ending up bigger than i started , i realised that when the head is in the right place the body will follow :).

You can and will do it , set your targets in small goals at a time , reward each goal(not with food) and you will be suprised at yourself !!


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Thankyou everyone :)

I update my diary on here 2-3 times a day, it really helps me keep focused and motivated.

Yes, ber297 i will try to go for small goals as 10+ stones is just too daunting to think about :eek: :eek: :eek:

I feel different this time as if my head is finally in the right place to conquer this once and for all! I intend to reward myself all the way with haircuts and pampering sessions!

Good luck to you and everyone else :)