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Its got worse

I have been poorly for the last couple of days and it turns out I have got really bad tonsillitis. I havent managed hardly any of my water and none of my packs as they have been making me sick I feel really fed up and could quite happily eat a big plateful of mash potatoes :(

So I dont think I will have lost any weight this week :(
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Hi I'm not an expert but I would think that you need to get something down even if it's not CD packs. It won't be doing you any good whatsover not having anything at all. I'd hate to encourage anyone to cheat but what about doing the 1000 cal plan for a few days until you're feeling better?

I don't know what to suggest. I'm sure a CDC will be along soon to better advise.

Hope you're better soon.



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if u cant manage to get the packs down you, wouldnt it be harder to eat mashed tats?

agree though, u need to keep ur strength up. i would do cd 1000 if u can manage the shakes/food. otherwise, do ur best with getting the packs down u at least.

hope u r feeling better soon

I dont know what it is about my packs but about ten minutes of having them they come straight back up :( And the mash potatoe my number one comfort food but I doubt I would be able to swallow it.

Thanks for your get well wishes :)
sorry your feelin ill chicksy... i know how u feel tho! in the 3rd week of bein on ss i had started to get major bad headaches and felt quesy and tired constantly (it wasnt the diet as id bin thru that n it had passed- turned out i needed glasses n thats wer the sore head wer from) .... the most u can do is try ur best to get the packs down...if u cant manage the shakes/packs try havin a hot tetra or jst a plain one or even a frozen one(that would make ur throat feel a lil better!!) - thats wat i did (not the banana one tho that made me feel worse!!!)

I hope that u feel beter soon!!!!!
Lynz xxx


Must try harder!!
OOhh goodness you poor old thing - warm drinks and try to have something to keep your strength up. Lots of fluids - you must keep hydrated. Vitamin C tablets - the fizzy ones - taste like blerrgh but will fight off the infection.

Warm snuggly blanket and lots of rest and tlc.

:thankyou: ladies.

Unfortunatley my tonsillitis has spread (it was just the right side on friday). The left side is worse and is really swollen. Tried to have jelly today wasnt pretty coming back up. Also have tried ice cold shakes etc but they just wont stay down. Water also stays down for the maximum of ten minutes.

I have been on my antibiotics for three days phoned the Nhs help line who told me that they should have started working by now so they think I have become immune to them as I am allergic to a lot of the antibiotics :rolleyes: and the one Im on I have had so many times for my chest as I have recurrent chest infections. So Im really fed up now Im in so much pain I feel like if someone was to flick my head it would just fall off!! How much of a baby do I sound. So Im back to the docs tomorrow :(

I also think my temp has made me go a little crazy :crazy: as I woke H2be up at 4 this morning to tell him I was popping out for some beans for our tea!!



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Sorry to hear your not feeling well. Tonsillitis is very painful:(

You need to take fluids, is there anything you can drink that will stay down?

Don't worry about SSing as your not allowed to SS if your not well.

Drink plenty of warm fluids as dehydration will make you feel much worse off.

Eat soft food and suck on some lozenges as they will help ease swallowing.

Hope your feeling better soon:hug99:

Love Mini xxx
maybe thre antibiotics arent working because there's no food in your tunny and you're usually meant to have them with food. i think you need to get down any food you can, whather that means coming off the diet for a few days or not. like mini says, you cant ss when you're ill and you wont get better if you dont have some nutrients in your body. i know how miserable it is to have a bad sore throat and i hope you get better soon. big hugs xx

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