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Its just another diary .... sarah's diary!!

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by sarahmun, 11 August 2014 Social URL.

  1. sarahmun

    sarahmun Full Member

    Ive been going to slimming world classes for the last 10 weeks. Ive lost 10.5 pounds so far. Its slower than i had originally thought but my life is still in adjustment period (its a long story which ill tell later lol) but im happy with it as its not just a quick fix diet its a lifestyle change.

    Im 32 and struggled with my weight all my life realisticaly. Ive done diets in the past, have i stuck to them ummmmm nooo! Hence why im still
    overweight ;) i did loose 2 stone.9 years.ago before i met my hubby but from a combination of contentment and then major stress i put all and more on to where i am now.

    I have 2 kids aged 4&2 who i want to see grow up and enjoy going swimming, playing football or any other activities they want to do. I cant do that fully although i do try.

    So this diary im hoping will help me focus and also release my ranting which does build up. If im talking to myself hey so be it but if anyone wants to read your definately more than welcome.

    Catch you later
    sarah x
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  3. miataiblue

    miataiblue Silver Member

  4. sarahmun

    sarahmun Full Member

    Sure course your welcome :) x
  5. sarahmun

    sarahmun Full Member

    Morning everyone

    Starting the day with a bowl of fruit as thats what the squishys wanted so i thought i would have one too.

    Im working today at 1-5 strange shift as i usual miss my lunch then but when i come home Im starving so im gonna try have something small at 12 before i leave for work! Gonna have pasta for tea of some sort then try fit in 30 mins of exercise whilst putting kids to bed as hubby spends the evening in hospital visiting his mum whos in itu!

    I only work 2 days a week for 4 hours at a time but its like a bloody greenhouse in the shop and im sweating in pints and lokking extremely attractive in the
    standard issue uniform lol :) aswell as that i also make wooden plaques, boards and decorative items. Im working on xmas boards at the moment and hope this weekend to have more wiod cut to try some other techniques out.

    So thats a little about me. Have a nice day everyone ill catch you all later.

    Sarah x
  6. sarahmun

    sarahmun Full Member

    Finished work and made a good tea of pasta, mushrooms, peas, gammon and soft cheese. Was bloody lovely enjoyed every mouthful mmmm.

    Now i have no energy to exercise as my knees are killing me from being on feet walking for 4 hours in work and bending and kneeling. I have damaged knee caps from falling whilst working in my teens and the current weight is not helping them so if i walk a lot im in agony for the evening. But it is what it is and im doing something about it so i cant complain too much :)

    So mind is working overtime on the issue of depression and how some people are so narrow minded and quick to judge. Following robin williams death after suffering from severe depression it kinda hit home how easy it is to loose a loved one suffering from depression. My husband has suffered with severe manic depression since ive known him (9 years) although he has only been diagnosed in the last 2 years. We had a chat last night about how people dont understand what its like suffering with the illness. Ive not suffered with depression so i dont entirely understand who he feels to be fair, although living with someone whom suffers is a battle in itself. sorry if im ranting but im so mad how people can judge and seem to think that its a personal choice like waking up and choosing blue socks instead of black. If my husband could choose to be happy and enjoy life he would!

    Anyway back to positive me day off tomo so fingers crossed its dry so me and squishys and fur baby can go to the park and enjoy some time out.
    Sarah x
  7. sarahmun

    sarahmun Full Member

    Im in agony with my knees today and im feeling really moody. Not quiet sure why everything thats happening is really annoying me not good as.i dont want to shout at kids for nothing!

    Had a quorn sausage sandwich for breakfast and having cous cous with tuna for lunch. Just ate a curly wurly to try and give me a sugar boost.

    My knees are in agony from work yestwrday they feel like they are bleeding from the inside if that makes sense. They are sore to touch and throbing. Today is definately a pitty party day haha.

    Well back to it now gotta hoover throughout and sort the washing out.

    Sarah x
  8. miataiblue

    miataiblue Silver Member

    Hope your hubby's mum's going to be ok :-(

    It sounds like you're a fantastic support for your hubby :) I can't understand people who think it's a choice to be depressed. Why would anybody choose to feel like that? It's just pure ignorance!

    Hope you're feeling better tomorrow and you're not in as much pain xx
  9. sarahmun

    sarahmun Full Member

    Thankyou im so much better the last 2 days and not in so much pain. Ive just gotta try strengthening my knees so they dont ache so much.

    My hubbys mum is probably going to be in hospital for a while. Were hoping her bodu is strong enough to fight but in all honesty we dont know if she will.

    I try to be the best support possible for him but in the process i kinda lost who i was and thats why ive struggled to get the weight off. But im in a happier mindset now so ill keep plugging till i get there.

    Hope your ok and having a good dry weekend x

    Sarah x
  10. sarahmun

    sarahmun Full Member


    i waa hoping to have updated yesterday but i had the mother of all migranes so ended up in bed from 8.30 till 11 this morning, currently feel like ive been run over by a bus and had a huge night on the drink ... But ahh alase it is not case.

    I have been really good the last 2 days and have stuck to my syns even though the kids and hubby are munching chips and sweets in front of me i made myself a chicken and soy gravy concoction with rice mushrooms and peas! Was nice although i seem to be going off meat as of late i dont like the grizzly taste in my mouth hmmm strange.

    Gonna fight to stick to plan all week as its my little boys 3rd birthday on friday and were going out for the day and id really like to have an off day so a nice loose would not make me feel so guilty.

    Im sooo excited that a werk sat me and my bessie mates are going to a spa fir the day and night and im looking forward to being pampered and having a few drinks of course lol

    sarah x
  11. miataiblue

    miataiblue Silver Member

    So sorry about your hubby's mum. I really hope she manages to fight it :-( .

    I hope you're feeling better tomorrow. I can't imagine it's easy sticking to plan when you're feeling bad.

    Have a lovely day on Friday. All of my kids birthday are done for this year, only the hubby's in October to go and then we're done for this year and a spa day sounds fab! Xx
  12. sarahmun

    sarahmun Full Member

    I just did a huge post and my internet failed on laptop and i lost it boooo :(

    Cant quiet remember what i put just that i had a fab tea and im stuffed. Sw quiche, potatoes and sweetcorn and cucumber.

    Had a nsv today in that i did not seek loads of random junk whilst i waited my tea to cook. Im really enjoying sw and actually looking forward to all the bumps.or no bumps on the journey. Im looking forward to buying new clothes and enjoying clothes. At the moment im wearing clothes that are tattered and worn cause i hate dressing my shape and o hide under baggy jumpets that make me look bigger. Ive started looking at clothes and may buy myself a goal outfit ... Ohh the excitment lol

    have a good evening everyone

    sarah xx
  13. Dance Mum

    Dance Mum is now racing to the 14's

    Subscribing to your diary... I hope you dont mind. I hate dressing my shape too & cant wait until I can fit into the nice things in my wardrobe that I treated myself to the last time I lost weight... This time I will not slip off the wagon though.. or at least I'll jump back on a hell of a lot quicker :)
  14. sarahmun

    sarahmun Full Member

    Jumping on quicker is the main thing :) take every day as it comes is what i keep telling myself ... today shouldnt be impacted by yesterday.

    So today has been a bit of a strange one. Its my 4 year wedding anniversary and my hubby was suppose to be working. Although he ended up coming home after an hour in work as hes feeling very emotional at the moment and had a little bit of a break down so today has been spent trying to take the focus away from him and making the kids happy. We spent the afternoon in the park playing on the balance beams, agility things and swinging on the swings! Was a lovely way to spend the day. They all had ice cream i had a diet coke. I have a strong will power at time and can sit there not phased by people eating junk around me and then other times i have zero tolerance ;)

    Had the reaminder of my sw quiche for tea as i dont feel like eating much, if im hungry later ill have some noodles or something.

    I finished buying the rest of my sons presents for his birthday on friday and was counting the sleeps with him earlier when i put him to bed. So cute how excited he is. My babies ares growing up but im gonna enjoy it and not miss anymore by sitting on the side.

    Sarah xx
  15. miataiblue

    miataiblue Silver Member

    Happy anniversary! :)

    Sorry your hubby wasn't feeling great but glad you had a nice trip to the park.

    I wish I had jumped back on the wagon a lot sooner instead of ignoring my weight gain until it got to a ridiculous amount xx
  16. MelonCollie

    MelonCollie Gold Member

    Popping in to subscribe. :)

    would it maybe help doing small bits of exercise (like walking around) during days you don't have off so your knees are more used to being on the go when you work? :) Also before and after work while you're having problems apply deep heat.. it did wonders with me (I no longer use it though)

    I know how it is with knees though. :( It's not easy.

    Ice cream wise, a mini milk is 1.5 syns, calippo shots 1.5, fruit pastille ice lolly 3, twister 4, (mini twister is 2.5) fab is 4, solero exotic 4.5, calippo 5, strawberry cornetto 9, and a 99er is 9 as well or 11.5 if you have a mini flake in it x
    so if you use your syns you can still have one.. :)

    Hope your hubby is feeling happier today xx
  17. sarahmun

    sarahmun Full Member

    Thanks meloncollie my knees are suprisingly getting much better. i very rarely sit down and relax for a long time as i have a 3 and 4 year old who like to keep me on my toes lol.

    Thanks for the advice though much appreciated, any advice which can help is welcomed.

    Back to the diary thingy i lost 1.5lb on my friday weigh in which brings the loss up to 12lb. i thought it was about 12 weeks by now but its not its 10. Based on my starting weight theoretically i should have lost more but this is my journey and im doing it my way and if it takes me a bit longer then so be it. I am hoping to loose 2lb a week from now until xmas so i can be at a 3 stone loss but hey well see. Once the kids go back to school in a week, my 4 year old goes full time and 3 year old starts nursery (meithrin to me) for 2.5 hours in afternoon so im planning on using the days that i dont work to go for long walks with the dog killing 2 birds with one stone as he is a mental collie who needs as much stimulation as possible plus it will be nice bonding time for us to.

    I live about 20 mins from school so as long as its dry im going to make a concious effort to walk some of the days as it would be 6 car journeys therefore eating my diesel. But it is wales i live in and the rain bounces off the floor lol.

    Does anyone know if i can use the alpen light bars as a health extra b as i picked some up today for a pund in the pound shop a d plan on using them for breakfast when in a rush.

    sarah x
  18. miataiblue

    miataiblue Silver Member

    Hi Sarah, well done on your loss! You've still averaged over 1lb per week and (as your signature states) it not a race :)

    I saw the Alpen light bars in the £ shop today as well and I was also thinking I'd have to have cereal bars for breakfast once the kids go back to school as it's either that or I have to get up an hour earlier as I can't eat for an hour after a tablet and by then I'm trying to rally the kids. It's a no brainer lmao. I checked on syns online and you can have 2 x summer fruits, chocolate and fudge, double chocolate, cherry bakewell, lemon drizzle or apple and sultana for a heb. I was planning on buying hifi bars from group but these work out cheaper :-D xx
  19. sarahmun

    sarahmun Full Member

    Aw fab thankyou. Ive had 2 today as i was working 8-4 so had one for breakfast.and then had and apple and one at lunch as really didnt feel like anything big. Hubby made a lovely sunday dinner fir tea which i devoured when i came in. Ill prob have something around 8 before i go to bed as i have work at 7 -4 tomo so need to keep energy up.

    Worked my ass off today only had a 30mins break and was on my feet/knees whole shift and working a 9 hour shiftvtomo and a 8.hour on thurs.so hoping it will help with my loose this week.

    I work in b&m in the toy department so as you can image its pretty busy rigjt now.

    Hope everyonr had a nice bank holiday.

    Sarah xx
  20. MelonCollie

    MelonCollie Gold Member

    It's only the 70 calorie alpen light bars that you can have two of for your healthy B. The other ones you have to syn. :)
  21. miataiblue

    miataiblue Silver Member

    Thanks MelonCollie, I don't know if it's recently changed but this is what I get on my food diary on the lifeline online app :-/ hope it's not wrong xx

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