Its my birthday - restart 15th Jan - last time...


Longing 2 b a yummy mummy
Hi everyone, a little introduction to those of you that don't know me..

My name is Nikki I am 34 tomorrow, I am married to Keith and mummy to George (2)- 3 next month.. I live in North Wales and first started Cambridge in Feb 07, I successfully lost 3.5 stone in approx 13 weeks but then was poorly and had to come off the diet as I had non-specific hepatitis, gallstones (really bad) so had an op to remove my gallbladder then got a post operative hernia, so back to surgery for a repair... I didn't watch what i ate and have now put back on 4.5 stone! I am determined to do it this time even though my FIL is dying of terminal cancer (got told new years eve!!) I feel this is the only thing I can control and once I get the first few days out of the way I will be fine, hubby is fully supportive as he has seen me struggle on other diets (I have PCOS) and the weight won't come off... anyway.. my birthday tomorrow then I am back to CD SS 100% from Thursday as I go for stock on Wednesday night.. sorry for the long post.. Oh and I have laryngitis at the moment so no voice!! will help the water intake though...

Welcome back, and I wish you the best of luck with your restart. xxx
Nikki, it's good to see you back - I'm back too. :D It certainly sounds like you've got your head in the right place, so I reckon there's a great chance you're going to get there this time.

So sorry to hear about your FIL, though - that's a horrible start to the New Year.

Sending you hugs and big strong 'You can do it vibes'. :hug99:
Good luck with your re start youre going to do really well as you are certainly in the right frame of mind,enjoy your birthday and welcome back
Welcome back i have restarted today, hope you get on ok x
Forgot to say, I hope you have a great birthday! xx
Sorry to hear about your FIL. Good luck for your restart, like you say its the one thing you can control so stick with it. I'll be restarting on Thursday/Friday so I'll pop in and see how your doing.
welcome back... happy birthday and good luck with ur restart.