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It's my first day on CD

I have started the cambridge diet today and I am feeling really excited the only thing is I had the apple and cinamon porridge for breakfast and it was awful. I just had one spoonful and felt really sick. I threw it out and had a strawberry shake instead that wasn't so bad. I have read some of the success stories on here and they have been an inspiration. I hope and pray that I will be as successful as the ones I have read on here. Well done to you all.:)

My start weight is 17 stones 4lbs
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hello and welcome to the best forum ever :) i dont like the porridge either and you will find that you will find which flavours you like! mine is the veg soup and fruits of the forest shake yum! my starting weight was 18 st 4 lbs im now 16 st 5lb and got 8th wi tom. this diet really does work but it is soo hard. good luck keep in touch! :)
extra gl and this site is great for support. Shows how we are all different I love the porridge but only the plain one, but I can no longer stomach the soups so I have the bars instead but I think its personal preference

good luck xx


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Hey Popsie,

Welcome to the world of Cambridge :p

How much weight are you planning to lose? I started at 17stone....25 weeks on (and believe me, the time absolutely FLIES by!!) I weigh 11stone3. Who says this diet is rubbish!?

Good luck on what will be one of your most incredible journies ever..!! xxxx
Franbella well done to you for losing so much weight....that is an inspiration. I will definately keep in touch. I am aiming for a stone in the first month. Did you start off on the sole source and how long did you stay on it?


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Welcome popsie and good luck, keep trying out different flavours I'm sure you will find some that you really love. My tastes change constantly, a couple of weeks ago I loved the porridges and now I can't stand them, current favourites are the choc mint shakes and mushroom and chicken soup. Good luck and let us know how you get on. x
wow that is substantial weight loss well done. I am 17 stone 4lbs and I have 6 stones to lose and journey is just beginning for me. I hope the time flies by for me too. I am really feeling positive after speaking to you all.
Hello and welcome hun!!!

OooOoOoO First day how exciting!!! I love the porridge but only the plain one yum!! The mint choc shakes are like heaven in a glass for me, nice and cold with some ice cubes (licks lips) infact i have not seen one person on this site who does not like the mint choc shakes. When you are able to start on the bars they are lovely too.

Good luck on your first day hun sounds like your mind is in the right place to be on this diet and you are doing great already. Remember to drink lots and LOTS of water as that is the key to losing the weight.

welcome to cd and minimins, you'll find alot of inspiration here. I love the porridges!!! but am abit weird though, I seive the porridge once it's done, eat the oatmeal on it's own then eat the porridge smooth....lol, I also love the choc mint, i drink mine hot.... mmmmm, just had one. All the best, and good luck.


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hiya yes started on ss but have had a few days on ss+ as i felt i needed to have a small meal and especially when i go to the gym.im going into week 8 :)


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Hello and welcome

I am on Day 2 of my restart,and can vouch for all the comments that have already been made on here... every ones tastes are different, I can't stand the porridge, but love most of the soups and shakes... even the bars are very moreish

Enjoy your journey - we are all on the wagon too...
Good luck, i'm reasonably new to CD aswell and i love this forum. Everyone is great and the diary's keep my spirts up.
Keep us updated xx
I am on day 7 and have found the diet to be much easier than I thought, I found day 3 to be my worst but the last few days have been great, I have had loads of energy. I also hate the porridge and stupidly bought 4 packs! Managed to get through them though..just!
Mint Choc is the best shake by miles but I also love the soups especially Oriental Chilli. Everyone is different though and you will find stuff that you like as there is a big variety.
My start weight was 17st 3lb and I weighed myself this morning and am now 16st 9lb so am dead happy!
Hi Everyone, I done it...I got through day 1 and I have to say in the morning and afternoon I felt fine but when it got to around 7pm I started to feel really light headed, quite shaky and had a niggling headache. I drank 3 litres of water which I am quite proud of as I was worried this would be my biggest challenge of all. I had a vegetable soup yesterday and I felt really sick after...I spoke to my CD counsellor and he said that I can change my porridge and soups to the shakes so that made my day. I have drank a litre and a half of water so far today so really trying to maintain that. I am thinking of going on the sole source plus next week not sure if it is too soon.
All of you are a real inspiration...I really was feeling like the diet was not for me, but just reading some of your comments today has made me feel better. I suppose week 1 is the most difficult.


Wants to be slim :)
Congrats on getting through your first day...bet you are chuffed!! With regards to SS+, I think by day 5 you should be in Ketosis, feeling on top of the world and most thoughts of food disappear - so you might just want to stick to SS :) xx