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Its no good - I quit!

Hi Peeps

I am sorry to say - i've had enough! How you guys can do this for weeks on end is beyond me! I admire you.

I find it THE MOST boring thing I've ever done. I am going for my first (and last )weigh in tomorrow and then on to re-feed. I just miss chewing!

Now I have sampled LT I know what its all about. I will see how much i have lost this week and do the re-feed but i am becoming moody, irritable, and miserable with my family - no good! If in a couple of months I feel like doing it again I may do it October/November in the run up to Christmas.

I feel like a prisoner in my own home. My fiance takes our son for a walk to the pub every afternoon, i used to have a pint and she has a coffee - no point in me going just to sit there and watch other people drink while I have a tap water - torture! I had to nip to Tesco the other day to buy some water and salad etc for her in doors. It was HELL!!! Town is equally as bad, everywhere you look, Costa coffee, McD's, even M&S food store. i just don't bother going to town anymore.

How you guys do it is beyond me - but good luck!

I'll let you know aht I lost so you can see if it was any good or not!
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why not try for another week mate it does get easier


One last chance
Sorry to hear that dude.

But you know, in the first week, you do feel irratable and horrible, it's completely normal and it does stop after the first week.

I was very miserable in the beginning, but you have to wait for your body to start clearing itself up of all the muck and toxins, you'll then get that feeling of 'well being' as it was stated.

You may change your mind when you get weighed and see the weightloss of this week. I and so many others can tell you that this diet is certainly worth it. As Adam said, try one more week and see how you feel. And if you find the main programme hard, why don't you try the maintenance products instead? you can lose weight on maintenance but the weightloss is slower. You get to eat meals and use the maintenance products which come in chocolate mous caramel bars, an orange creme drink and a summer fruits smoothie drink.


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You do need to be in the right place mentally to do this diet which is why I waited til after exams.

Got to say I love the shakes and have to fight my 4yo for them. When he hears the blender going he comes out and asks for some of my smoothie!

I'm heading towards my 5th weigh in and getting excited about my holiday in 3 weeks as I should be wearing a bikini!!

Men tend to lose more weight than women too. Why dont you wait until your weigh-in and see how you have done? You may be very pleasantly surprised and then motivated to carry on for another week.

Cant help with the pub tho, that is a tough one but even a pint a day is 14 units a week, heading towards the MAXIMUM for the weeks so cant you also think of it as a detox too? How about a black coffee in the pub with you OH?? I usually drink sparkling water..


I will be skinny again!!!
It does get sooo much easier Ben!

Personnally, I would stick it out but if you dont want to then best of luck to you xxxx


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Hi Ben 1979.

You are right food is absolutely every where and I have the same problem, I love chewing too and cooking and of course eating with a few drinks thrown in. The point is, food and drink will ALWAYS BE THERE. That is the most important thing I've learned. It is of course your choice in doing what you do. I have found the people on this forum very very supportive and you are never too far away from a supportive comment. Now what I do when I'm feeling tempted is to pull out and read a piece of paper, on which I've written some motivational lines and reasons for doing this diet and my end goal. This paper has been with me constantly and at the beginning I was reading it over 50 times a day. Now I read it less than 10, but it is always with me and it gives me inspiration.

Hope it works out for you and all the best
I'd def say stick with it, i felt the same way last june when i first started originally and wen i came back the people who had kept at it had all finished their journeys and looked and felt great. for me it was a major regret, but do what feels right for you.


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Hi Ben

This is a hard diet, which does take 100% commitment and in some ways you have to rid food from your whole life, but only for a short while.

The benefits outway the negatives - honestly! But, I can understand where you are coming from...but if you decide not to do it, I can see you coming back when you are ready mentally.

That happened to me last year...tried if for 1.5 days and just couldnt cope...sad thing was, when I came back I was more than a stone and a half heavier, in the one year!!

Good luck with whatever you decide, but looking at the reaons why you want to do this has to be No 1. We all just have a goal and want to get to it as quickly as possible and then to resume a healthy balanced life with food not taking centre court!

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