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    I am new here but am a serial stopper and starter. I properly decided to start losing weight after the birth of my last daughter - she's no 16 months old so yeah, she was born quite some time ago now!
    When she was about 5 months old I started going to WW and managed to lose 12lbs there which was great although I didn't feel any different and unfortunately the group I was in wasn't very motivational - I mean, I know it's up to me more than them, but staying the same was met with 'WHY?' and it felt like a huge accusation rather than supportive - I'm not suggesting slipping up is acceptable but I always thought staying the same just happened occasionally - especially when you know you've had a good week!
    After deciding I couldn't keep in with the WW thing I decided to try things from a health perspective - I saw a personal trainer for 10 weeks and she was wonderful I felt much fitter during and after the time I spent with her but obviously the fees aren't manageable long term and her nutrition plan was too limited/restrictive for me, especially as many of the things she considered staples were really expensive!
    ANYWAY, I'm now less than 24 hours from my first SW meeting and I feel like a fraud - am I just going to keep doing these things in a cycle forever? I KNOW I need to and want to lose weight but I need to start treating these attempts as a complete lifestyle overhaul - seeing it as a diet simply makes me think about when I can stop doing it!

    Is there anyone else in the same boat :)?
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  3. sagagr

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    Whatever it is, nothing but your efforts and motherhood. Just good luck for your determination and have a bright future for your baby...
  4. b-23

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    I totally agree with you Hatchlings! It is all about a change to your lifestyle and with that your attitude towards food.
    I have tried slimming world, weight watchers etc but I don't think it's feasible (or much fun!) to count calories all the time. And if I ever had a bad week it would all be ruined because I then started comfort eating again!!
    So I'm trying to change my habits for good! I hope you manage to too!

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