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Its Not About Weight

weight does not determine if someone is fat or not. A high weight does not necesserily mean someone will be fat. e.g. body builders, according to bmi and weight, would be very unhealthy but in reality they are very healthy, high metabolism etc.

people are different, bone structures, height, general shape, lungs, heart, muscle tissue, stomach are all things which can vary amungst individuals - these things are very important for humans. People must remember that weight loss does not only come out of fat, weight loss can come from many different areas of your body like stated above, and this becomes unhealthy for the person.

I dont see why there is 'SO' much focus on weight loss, the wrong type of weight loss can be very unhealthy for a person. alot of people loose muscle mass, and the scales say its good, when actually it isnt.

Another problem is it is possible to loose fat while not loosing any weight, now most people assess their weightloss only with the figures they see on the scales and this will cause them to become demotivated.

There are alot of problems with using weight as a factor to assess how fat you are, i hope people take this into consideration when loosing weight.

(muscle can never replace fat, and muscle weighs more than fat)...
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I know im fat because I can see the rolls of it when I sit down! :)
With all due respect, I don't think there are many body builders on this forum who are at risk of losing muscle mass!

Bodies are designed to burn their fat stores before muscle mass, so it's also unlikely that people following SW are going to end up with dangerously low levels of muscle mass.

The majority of the people here are using weight loss as their way of tracking the change in their bodies, but that's not to say people don't recognise the Non-Scale Victories as well.
i dont know exactly why your talking about heart disease and things.

but im talking about fatloss and weightloss, also my post assumes that people are mainly interested in fat loss to loose weight. and people use their weight as a measurement and guide to see if their loosing weight. my original post was to highlight the fact that weight will not reflect a person's fat level in their body. and you cannot argue with this, this is scientific fact, proven by dieters, body builders, overweight and underweight people.
If you're losing weight and you're overweight then it doesn't really matter what your fat levels inside your body are, you're still going in the right direction and aren't going to be losing muscle mass.

It might be a scientific fact, it's just not relevant on this forum.
Of course people use their weight measurement to measure their weight loss. It is the only viable method of measuring weight loss. But unless you suddenly decide as well as healthy eating to start doing extreme levels of exercise, then muscular weight will pretty much remain a constant, and so will organ size.

The point of a healthy eating programme is to reduce body fat, and changes in weight DO reflect changes in body fat. I think any other fluctuations can reasonably be discounted because those are absolute things that as I stated, do not change, unless in extreme circumstances.
I appreciate what you are saying, however most people who want to lose weight are not just focusing on the scales. It is also abt physical appearance and the desire to be healthy. We all know people who are light on the scales but seriously unhealthy.

Most people will find the weightloss vs fatloss irrelevant because they will be physically slimmer therefore a loss in weight has occurred what ever the science is
Well, fortunately I feel as though it works for me and many others.

This isn't a body-building forum - in fact quite the reverse:p
Haha you are so right. xxx
how random!!
i know im fat... im not blind!
its rewarding getting on the scales and seeing the number go down each week, when you have alot of weight to lose it can take a while to physically see the results so using the scales is a good form of motivation.... in my opinion anyway!
I think it is called "trolling":rolleyes:
I would say definitely trolling by some idiot with nothing better to do with his or her time. Just look at their ridiculous stats.....

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Ignore it folks and just carry on enjoying your weight loss successes with SW and each others cyber company.
Unusual to find them here!!


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Konvictz is not a troll, he has been a member of MiniMins for a few years and if you look under his Avatar he is doing Slimming World, running and weight training.

What I think he is saying is that for himself it is not all about weight loss but more about getting fit and healthy and that the BMI is not an accurate measurement of body fat... that you can have for example a ruby player who is deemed obese going by his BMI but he has little body fat, just all muscle.

Here's a good article about it...

BBC NEWS | UK | Magazine | Who are you calling fat?

Also, you can be thin and have a lot of internal body fat.

Below is an article about this which is very interesting.

“Being thin doesn’t automatically mean you’re not fat,” said Dr. Jimmy Bell, a professor of molecular imaging at Imperial College, London. Since 1994, Bell and his team have scanned nearly 800 people with MRI machines to create “fat maps” showing where people store fat.

Thin people might be fat on the inside - Health - Fitness - msnbc.com

Hope that helps...
Thanks for that Mini but can you explain his weird stats ??

I know I am perhaps being a bit dim here.

The articles explained a lot.

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