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It's SATURDAY **Lets do it Hour by hour**


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Good morning everyone

I am a very happy bunny today.............................I have LOST 5LBS:D
and that is in 4 days..:D:D

I was feeling a bit fed up last night and didn't feel as tho I has lost anything but it just goes to show that if you stick to the diet 100% the weight comes off.

I have my good ole GT here with me and on my 1st litre of water....this is gonna be a good week, I can feel it in me bones :eek:

Have a good one all, I know the weekends can be tough for a lot of you. But, hang in there and you will be rewarded on the scales. The food will still be there at the end of your journey so look forward to the slimmer you.

Glugg Glugg and be good


p.s.... going to update ticker ;0)
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Morning Maggie

Well done you 5lbs in 4 days - mega!!

Wondered if you were okay as didn't see you around much yesterday but good to hear it's all going well hun.



Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Thanks Georgie, I was lurking alot yesterday:D Almost caved in when presented with roses chocolates at my friend Colins, but managed to come away only having 1 :eek:.

Very pleased with the 5lbs, I know most of it is water but now the real fat is melting :D

Have a great day georgie, Glug that water :tear_drop: and I love you new pic, you are beaming.

Well done Maggie! :party0011::party0011:

Stop stalking me georgie:rolleyes:...mwahaha.

Well, day 1 again. Last day 1 ever...I MEAN IT!
On my first dose of water, need to be taking plenty of drugs today to combat the flu and i'm hoping that all this water will make me feel a lot better. I'm terrible at sulking and feeling sorry for myself - that's why i've decided to go to work today.

Have a good day gorgeous people xxxx
Thanks Maggie, resisting choccies, you deserve a medal lady!

LEAH, stop talking to me and shift that bootylicious backside of yours!

Shut up skinny.

Nuff said
Hello ladies,

Think I might be in ketosis today as I was able to leap out of bed at 6.30am this morning, and have already been and mucked my horse out and done lots of pony-chores. Don't have any ketostix but will sneak into work this afternoon and get some. I feel like I must be there though.

Throat is feeling much better; I think all this water is washing the pus away!

And the best news of all is, I'm down to my pre-Christmas-naughtiness weight, 11st 1lb, so hopefully by Monday I'll be in the 10s!! Yay!

Everyone sing after me - #oh happy days.......#
good morning girls. WEll done on the 5lb Maggie. Ive been on the scales this morning and Ive matched you. 5lb in 4 days - arent we FAB!

Ive got work today so will do my best with the water but its difficult between appointments. Might have to glug lots when I get home this evening but I hate that cause I'll end up on the loo all night.

Now dont the rest of you get slacking on the water without my hourly reminders!

Have a great day everyone. xx
I've come to notice there are a few hitlers on here (cough cough, SAM! HM! GEORGIE!)

Not sure if this is a good or bad thing :D:D:D
Brillopads Sam, well done!! Don't work too hard today and try not to feel too responsible for my inevitable lack of water without your reminders!!

Glad you are feeling better today Pony and that the K fairy has joined you!

Meh, i've really gotta get a groove on. Frankie and Bennys Cardiff Bay needs it's supervisor (yeah right!)

Will catch up later, have a good day all xxxx


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Well done Sam..5lbs for you too thats great. Thats our Diva's team off to a great start.

If Sam can't remind you about the water then the job comes to me ;0)


Leah...glad your feeling a bit better and you to pony.

HITLER INDEED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OMG everyone is doing so well. I havnt been on the scales. CDC weighed me last Sunday and I go back on Tuesday. I didnt get weighed on mine, and in fact didnt want to know my weight so there you go.

Anyway feels like IM doing something right. Feeling lot better. Still craving food. Seems like im the only one tho. Everyone else so positive.

Well done.
Hey guys i need to get told off. today is day 3. however i havent stuck to it. i get to dinner time and feel so hungry im sick!!!!! im not sure if this is cos im ill at the mo or lack of will power. i feel so diappointed in myself. i want to do this. i have to i ned to fit into my wedding dress!!!!!
Day one for me today

1. I've got my ticker set up.

2. I've added minimins into my favourites

3. I have not replaced the batteries in my digital scales so can only get weighed weekly instead of 6 times a day :D

4. I have got 4 seperate (1ltr) bottles of water in the fridge so can see how I am doing on the water side of things.

5. I am now on my second bottle of the day

Good morning everyone!

I've just had my first shake - a warm choc and orange...yummy!! Now i'm glugging away at the water.

Constant trips to the loo. I have a 500ml bottle that i plan to always have full next to me. But how many of these bottles do i need to drink a day? I'm terrible with conversions!!! HELP!


Seeking thinner peace
Constant trips to the loo. I have a 500ml bottle that i plan to always have full next to me. But how many of these bottles do i need to drink a day? I'm terrible with conversions!!! HELP!
Assuming you are drinking the minimum recommended 2 1/4 litres (4 pints), then you need to down 4 + half 500ml bottles. Could always top it up though to +/-8 bottles as folks here seem to average 4 litres. Happy glugging.
thanks plus!!!:D
Hello folks! Aren't we all doing well. Everyone is so positive. I'm well and truly in ketosis today. Tummy still grumbling, but psychologically feeling much better about food. Went to my CDC for a quick chat yesterday, as we're also very good friends and popped on the scales. I've lost 6lbs in 4 days! Yahoo. Not going to update my ticker yet though until the official weigh in on Monday, so hopefully can get a few more pounds off before then. Am upping the water today, have only been getting 2 litres down me, but will try for 4 today. Watch out toilet .. here I come! Have a great day!

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