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Its so hard to get back into it :)


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Morning Everyone

Well im still on here just not been posting, finding it really hard to get back into the diet. My advice is dont break the blimmin diet, just dont do it EVER....I did and Ive been trying to get back on the diet ever since and its so hard.

I keep telling myself that I want to lose the weight and I really do but for some reason im finding it so hard to stick to it again, the first week i didnt it before was fine but Im only on day 2 and im already struggling, I will do it though, I just cannot cheat again...

Ok enough of my rant today, glad your all sticking to it still and losing fab amounts of weight :)
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I think you are struglling because you are beating yourself up for 'failing'
So BIG DEAL that has gone, it has happened, yes it was wrong but note the WAS in that sentence!
MOVE ON, will you fail today? NO so why worry today! why beat yourself today?
Today is fresh and new so treat it like that !
You wanna be 'new' too, so DO IT.
Sorry to go on but you can do it, you have done it, you can do it again


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Hi Blondie

Sorry to hear you are finding it hard to get back into it. Do you think you are in the right place at the minute? I think this diet requires the minimum of 100% for it to be successful, or you will just be beating yourself up constantly. What is ok for one is not always for another! Maybe you need to try and do healthy eating and exercise for now????? Not sure, but you sound as though life is a drudge and the diet is so tough as it is, if your head isnt in the right place then you wont be able to survive.

If I have got it all wrong, then, good :)!! You need to start to keep looking forward and not being negative about how hard the diet is...it is hard, but the rewards are good and you wont be disappointed.

I do hope you get your head around it and carry on, but if you decide, that now is not the time, then that is ok too! Just be kind to yourself, but know exactly what you want.

Oh, I hope this has helped and you dont think I am being horrid! I dont mean to.....

Let us all know how you are doing. Take care


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STAY FOCUSED< YOU CAN DO IT a lot of us have been in your position
Take it day to day.. or as i did my 1st week was hour by hour.. i wouldnt let myself think ahead at anytime (unless i had to go to work) it seemed to help me and now im in my 4th week ... so good luck hun and stick to it... u can do it xxxx


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Day 2 for me too again, but this time I do feel my head is in the right place and am looking forward to getting back in my clothes and feeling comfy again.


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Hang in there hun!! Stick with it! Roll on weigh in for encouragement. Once you are back in ketosis things will feel much better.
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It is harder to do this second time round - I say that from experience!!! I found it really easy first time round but it has taken me weeks and weeks to get back on board - just finished day 3 and looking forward to ketosis knocking on my door! Hang in there and just take one day at a time - a cliche maybe but so true.


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