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It's Sunday**lets Do It Hour By Hour**


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Morning all

The sun has returned again, hope it lasts.

I have got a Sunday lunch out today, My friend Colin has booked a lunch for 9 of us that helped him through his hospital stay. So sweet of him. I will have to do my best with the food as I dont want to let him down. I will get right back to it tomorrow. I haven't had a good few days, too much to think about, so I have binged .
Will get today out of the way and then tomorrow is a new start (again).

Have a good one

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you're up early on a Sunday :) I am off out to Mass in a while, I wouldnt normally go this early myself but its my MIL anniversary Mass.

Then when i get home I have a lot of house work to do, have been putting it off for ages, but should get a good run at it today :)


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Morning all.
Hi Hedgemag hope the meals goes well your friend sounds like a great guy, I'm sure you won't let him down, have a great day!
What a lovely morning, got the washer on (loads to do!!) gunna do a bit of housework before going to mum's for lunch so should be a good day. Have fun everyone xx


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Morning all

I'm working 9.30-4 today, need to get dressed. I assume hubby wants the car, so will need to force him up and get kids dressed too.

The sun is shining here, not sure how long for, but it's nice to see!

Hope you all have a good day - HM, hope you enjoy the meal!

S xx
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Morning all

Had a lovely day yesterday, went to see Mum for her Birthday. Not sure what to do today, need to take some clothes back that I am not convinced about and a bit of cleaning but the sofa is just too darn comfy at the moment!

Maggie enjoy your lunch and sorry to hear you are having a tough time at the moment, mucho hugs.

Hope everyone has a great Sunday.

S: 14st1lb C: 8st10lb BMI: 23 Loss: 5st5lb(38.07%)
Good luck with the Race for Life Little Miss Cambridge!



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Morning all!, its less than a week till my sisters wedding, so im back on ss to loose a few more pounds so that dress is extra comfy! It fits now (didnt - was far too tight a few weeks ago) so pleased with that, but just want to get down another 5 pounds if I can!

Apart from that its sunday yey so no work! Good Luck All xx


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morning all, I'm TRYING to do 100% SS from today til WI on friday, GOT to get rid of that 6.5lb i put on this week!
off shopping today with my mum, have turned into a clothes shopaholic now I can go in "normal" shops !
Still a way to go yet, but its nice to buy some clothes for me for a change, instead of always buying clothes for my kids!! Think I used to just buy clothes for them,because I HATED buying stuff for me, depressing going into changing rooms buying and trying stuff that just about FITS rather than what you actually LIKE !
good luck this week everyone, and welcome to those newbies! It really does work (if you do it properly!) so stick with it, first few days are hardest. But you've GOT to get all that weight off first time round, its SO hard to get back into if you have a break!
best wishes


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Morning everyone.
The sun is shining here too today, so hopefully i'll get out in the garden at some point. I've so far spent the morning, hanging washing out, cleaning the oven & watering the garden. Just given DD her brekkie and am now away to clean the bathroom.
It's a tough life being a domestic goddess (well perhaps less of the goddess part :rolleyes:).
Hope you all have a lovely day today.
Morning all, day two for me and I feel great!

I've had a shake, but need to drink lots more water.

I remembered that I have a shaker thing so that's solved my crappy whisk issue and the shake is much nicer woo hoo!

Also, this is the first Sunday since forever that I've not had a hangover lol.
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Mornng all
Maggie-have a great lunch
Sarah-have a good day at work
Little Miss Cambridge-Enjoy the race
Cheekychops-enjoy Sunday hangover free
Liz-course you are a goddess...we all are
Angela-good luck with your ss week and have a fab time at your sis's wedding
FYP-so true about staying on track....it is at the end of the day so much easier if you stay on plan all the time
Hedgehog-Enjoy mass!and have a great day
Georgie-I've text you...is your phone on?
Have a great day everyone!


Finally...Life begins
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Have a great day too Mary Poppins! Well done, Fantastic weight loss and great inspiration too! xx
So, how did everyones Sunday go?

It's day 2 on CD for me and it went quite well. No cheating, but I haven't drank enough water.

It'll be my first time on it at work tomorrow, so I'm sure that will be interesting. I prewarned people to stay away from me lol.


need to be old goofy me
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I've spent practically all of today on here! and eBay ~ lots of clothes i was selling ended today... so i'm printing out the postage labels so i can get them sent off tomorrow. This is the bit i hate... wrapping all the stuff up! Hence why i'm on here every two seconds, for a change of scenery...

CD diet wise, i'm still on track ~ i see my CDC on tuesday night and just about have enough packs to see me through until then, so i'm being as good as gold!

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