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Its too hard :(

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Arghhhh i just want to scream. Honestly, why is it when you start a diet EVERYONE eats all your favourite most yummiest things you can ever imagine. I have started diets before and then its someones birthday at work so cakes come in, oh one cake wont matter me thinks. But it doesnt stop there!!

Today was again someones birthday, i resisted but it was so hard to. I had to keep reminding myself why i was dong it, how well i had done these last few days etc. And again tonight, i went to my sisters and she got out a massive box of chocolate bars and sweets etc and asked if i wanted one (No one knows i'm on this diet as they dont approve) i had to resist. I kept thinking, would one really matter. But i know the answer, i know i would feel so guilty and crappy after so why bother. But it just takes so much energy to get through it :( i hate it!

I love the taste of the milkshakes, but i have got a lot of chicken soups (2 servings per day i bought) :( and they are disgusting. I cannot stomach them at all i have to force myself not to gag :( I noticed on Lighterlife you can make things from the packs, like crisps out of the soups, can you do that on LT? Maybe they will taste better :(

And then i go away in nearly 3 weeks, so do i carry on TFR or not :( but then its a waste if i dont really :( Will i be able to get back onto it after?! Grr i am not a happy bunny today :(
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Hang in there , the results will show that its worth it in the end,, I get days like this, but i just remind myself why im doing it..
try phoning your pharmacist to see if you can swap the soup 4 the shakes, it shouldn`t be a problem, im only in my 3rd week and believe me there are days when i question my reasons for doin it, but i think of being thin and i motivate myself into believing in it xxxx hope this helps you...


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If you dont like the soup then take it back, they will exchange it for the shakes hun. That is what I did.

I told everyone that was close to me that I was on this diet and yes they all started saying that it was not healthy. I explained to them that it was monitored by the pharmacy and GP's have approved it. If they keep mocking it then I just say, "hey it's my choice and it is me on this diet, I have done my research so please give it a break". Maybe it is harsh but it comes to a stage where you just cant take it anymore. People love talking about things they know nothing about.

If your family knew then maybe they could support you. It is hard when you socialise but cant make the most of the goodies on offer.

Just remember that all the lovely food you love will still be there and when the time is right you will be able to eat them in little portions.

Please dont give up, it will get better and once the weight comes off then it would have been worth it.

Do I crave the food? yes
Do I feel left out? yes
Do I feel upset? yes

Do I want to be thin MORE? YESSSSSSSS


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Yes I agree with Jesi, I still get tempted but I do wanna be slimmer more than I want a slice of cake.
I am finding now that after 5 weeks it is good to be around food as I will need to resist food when I come off Lipotrim so I might as well start to get used to it now. I am sure it will be alot harder when I am eating again. Learn the lessons now!
I would tell your friends and family you are on this diet but back it up with the knowledge that you are being monitored and you have done your research etc. Then they can support you
good luck, looking forward to hearing your reply


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Hi Rachel

If you researched LT you would have known it was tough ;-)! No one ever said it would be easy consuming 450cals a day and with the choice of well, a few shakes/soup and flapjacks....but, we decided this was the route to take. It is tough, but boy, I sure prefer the feeling of being over 3 stone lighter in 11 weeks than any choc bar, or nice food! That will be there eventually, but by that point I will be so happy with myself that hopefully I wont need them in excess!

You have made a good decision to try LT, and if you dont look at the obstacles in your way, then you will succeed. Of course, there will be birthdays, BBqs, functions, you name it! They wont go away. I have NEVER felt left out on the 11 weeks, WHY? Because I chose not to. Why should I? Is food that important? No, people are and that is how I have survived. I have had the best 11 weeks, albiet tough but I have not stopped seeing people or going away. I even had an operation and kept with LT!

All I am saying is, stick with this 100% and it will reward you..forget all the incidentals in life! They will always be there...and enjoy and look forward to the smaller you in a matter of weeks.

Regarding your holiday,,,,people have carried on with LT during their holiday. Others have re-fed, eaten sensibly on holiday and then come back on. Each is different and have a different story to tell to be honest. Some find it easy, some find it absolutely impossible....so, I dont think there is a hard and fast rule here.

I suppose the ball is in your court and I am sure you are at a point in your life where you want to make the right decision, so I wish you all the very best indeed.

You will definitely get all the help you need on here! So, dont be a stranger.

Welcome and I do wish you all the very best on your LT journey!

Take care
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I'm not sure about making crisps, etc. But I did LighterLife a couple of years ago & trust me, they were absolutely disgusting anyway & not worth the effort in my opinion! Ask your pharmacist if you can swap the soups though, as it's even more difficult if you're dreading your "meals".

It will get easier! Yes there'll be times when someone is eating something that looks/smells absolutely lovely, but, I always think, "it'll still be there when I start eating again."

I agree that it would probably be easier to let people know you're on LT; at some point they're going to start noticing the weight loss anyway! You'll probably come up against mixed responses; my family are quite happy with me doing it, but, my friends on the whole disapprove (although, there are a few that are wonderfully supportive), either way, if you make it clear you've considered it & researched it carefully & more importantly, are determined, after a while, they'll realise you're serious & admire your efforts regardless of whether or not they approve of your particular choice of diet.

Stick with it, it will get easier, especially after your first weigh in! Good luck!!



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Hi, welcome and good luck!

It gets better! You will gradually feel less hungry, you may come to enjoy the smell of food and not care that you're not having it, you will see the pounds melting off, you'll feel the thrill of losing all those dress sizes you've piled on over the years (I've gone from a 24 to a 14!!!).

If you really want this, you can have it all :)

Keep coming on here for chats, we all know what this diet feels like, after all ;)


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'Special' diet

Don't add to your pressure by telling people you are on Lipotrim or even mentioning low carb - people read all the nonsense scare stories in the gossip mags and trashy newspapers...

You don't need to lie - just say you are on a special eating plan (sounds better than diet), mention chemist/pharmacist monitoring, approved by doctor... mumble about blood pressure, lowering cholesterol etc. Any decent friend will then support you!

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