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It's Wednesday**lets Do It Hour By Hour**


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Good morning, well so much for my lie in....woke up at 4am and just couldn't get back to sleep. So decided to get up!.

Hope everyone has a good day, no idea what the weather is doing as it is still dark outside. I must be mad, a day off at last and feel like tackleing the housework....it will soon wear off:D

Started on my first litre:tear_drop: hoping to get 5 in again to day.

Going to p[ut 1st load of washing in now so catch you later.

Take care
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Morning - wow you're up early! Hope everyone has a great day and isn't tem,pted by the demons that lurk in the fridge!
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Morning guys, hope everyone is well.

I had a very good but busy day yesterday, workwise and socially.

Good news is that I only had 3 packs and no food. I was bit low on water but did have diet coke when in the pub.

Hoping to improve on the water today.

Have a great day one and all xxx
Its my restart today and im feeling positive, im around 22stone so a lot to lose but got 8mt to my wedding!!


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Morning all.

Bad night for me last night, kids kept waking up and crying I got up about 6 times and this morning I am grumpy as hell! had managed about 2 1/2 pint of water yesterday, not much but an improvement on no water at all. I am peeing like a race horse like there is no tomorrow. I had an ok day yesterday (see my diary as i cant be naffed to retype it all lol) but going to give it my best shot today!
Morning all!

Good luck vjs with your restart. You have plenty time to get those pounds off :) I hope you do really well!

Sam - How's it all going with the move? 2 days :eek: That has come round so quickly! I keep thinking of you when I keep putting off packing for my holiday. I don't like packing so I put it off till the last minute. I keep thinking...it's not that bad, at least I don't have to pack up my whole house! I hope it's going well.

Good luck everyone for today

Mrs V

Loves Life!
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Wow, we are all up and about early!!!

Daughter decided that this morning she would have a lie in, which was fantastic, as she has been getting me up at 3.10am!!! It's amazing what an extra 4 hours sleep can do for you!

I am on Day 2 of SS, feel a little bit fuzzy today, but I know that will pass.
Keep going everyone!
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Morning everyone. I feel great this morning and once again fabulous weather. Am going to work today to try and clear some things from my desk. I did something a bit naughty this morning, yes I jumped on the scales. Now I am 104.4kg I started at 107kg so am happy I did it and it has given me motivation. I think that is 5lbs lost since Saturday so imagine if I am true to the diet what it will say on Sunday yipee!! Off to have a nice shower and try to make myself presentable. Let's all keep ssing yeah I feel good today.
morning all,
am still here, mouth is slowly slowly starting to recover from the infection, still needing to pop the old painkillers tho,today is day 3 of the antibiotics so hopefully by tomorrow i should feel 100 times better, have missed a couple of my evening meals this week due to the sore painfull mouth but have had 3 cd packs a day.
VJS good luck with the restart hun and keep a thight hold of that positivity xx
Nessa, you can do it babe, its horrid when kids wake you up at night xx
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morning all!
Well I've been up for about an hour and a half, feeling really tired and cold but apart from that still going strong! DH has just one to the chemist to get me some ketostix. 3rd day in 2day and all has gone really well so far. Yesterday however I made huge mistake of going to ASDA with DH and wanted to eat everything in sight and to be honest if he hadn't been there I prob would have! But he kept me going and got me through it and i'm so glad coz i felt so fab for it last night! He is trying to give up smoking so hopefully i'll be as supportive to him! Baby Alex looking as though he is gonna go for his morning nap soon so think i'll hop back in2 bed for an hour! I love it when its freezing cold outside and rain is battering off windows and im lying all cosied up in bed!
Heres to another perfect day all! WE CAN DO THIS!!!!!!:D
S: 19st6.0lb C: 19st6.0lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 45.3 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
well i think i am in it but im not really sure. i haven't really experienced any sickness feeling or headaches and don't feel when im struggling that its hunger, just a need to eat something if you know what i mean? i feel cold late at night and early mornings but don't know if thats me or the weather lol! DH be back soon so i'll let u know then! x
It's horrible Tara I know. I've only had really bad toothache once (it wasn't even an infection!) and that drove me crazy so I bet with an infection it's hellish :(

I really hope it clears up quickly for you

I didn't seem to get any of the symptoms either, no heaches or anything. I did feel slightly colder but not a massive difference.

I thought I might be out of ketosis this morning because I cheated yesterday and nibbled a few small things. Luckily I'm still very much in ketosis. So today I've slapped myself and NO CHEATING, ss all the way :)
Hello all

Well its Day4 on SS, still feeling really positive!! Managing the water fine drinking between 3/4 litres a day. The only problem I am having is how tired I am since i have been SS have been in bed by 9.30 lol. I also am having difficulties having all three packs a day yesterday I only had one i know i need all three just difficult. Cant wait till next week CDC coucellor said we can have the bars and mixamoose so that should make things easier. Havent got any scales so cant weigh to see achievemnet will have to wait till weigh in on sat. I have to admit tho i feel slimmer clothes are looser etc but not sure if that is just me wishing lol. I have to admit that i am really longing for food have been doing hubbys breakfast, lunch and dinner as normal and everytime i hand him the food part of me wants to just feel it in my mouth, just one biteful hmmmmmm but the thought of a slimmer happier me helps with the temptation. CDC advised not do deviate from the shakes/soups this week so its getting a little boring. Cant wait till saturday just hope that its all been worth it!!!

Quick question if people SS do feel the need to eat what is the best options other than mushrooms, lettuce, celery and cucumber.

Good luck to us all and once today is over thats us one day nearer to our goal.:p
S: 19st6.0lb C: 19st6.0lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 45.3 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Just did my ketostix test and it says ++ which is moderate? Is this good for day 3 or do i still have a long way to go? x

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