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It's Wednesday! **let's do it hour by hour


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Good morning
Another Dark and dreary one..........but hey we've got Mini's to brighten our day.

So I want smilies all round please!!! :D

On my 1st GT of the day and a litre of water on standby..

Lazy day for me today, can't be bothered to do chores there's too many important things to do on here and facebook :rolleyes:

Have a good one ladies..



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Tara, well done on only having the 8!?! I daren't even have the one chmpagne truffle my husband's great-uncle has saved especially for me.....cos I know I'd be buying myself a HUGE box on the way home, and would definitely not stop at eight!!!

I'm off work sick at the moment - can't face any chores either lol
Morning all. Trying to have a positive morning as I've spent 2 days eating again :(. I don't know why as Monday's WI in was great - 5lb in a week and I am now 11 stone and half a pound so really close to hitting into 10 stone now and I keep sabotaging it!

Doing ok this morning so far - 1 green tea with mint plus about 1.5 litres water and one shake. Just trying to keep going! Hope other people doing better than me, Kerrie x


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Morning again to those I missed.....Tara 8 chocs.....MMMMmmmmm! Chair is looovely Thanx hun x

I have just put this coat on the ebaying and freebies thread, thought I would post here in case anyone whould like it. Im only asking the Postage and packing price...(will get it weighed to get the Postage) Size 16

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oK, so it's Wednesday morning at 11:05 . I have just got to the gym after rushing around town doing some birthday and Xmas shopping and am now about to have my first personal training session with a wonderful girl called Selina. I had a chocolate shake for brekkie and am surprisingly full!
I am doing my BodyPump 3 times a week and now have added in a PT session once a week, hopefully this will make the weight fall off faster and also tone those flabby areas!!
I love David Lloyd gyms...I get to check up on this site and be at the gym :D
Hope everyone else is having a good day...stay strong all!!!!!! xxx
yellow :)

I'm half way through my split shift so thought i'd catch up with you all. Made a fab toffee and walnut smoothie in work with the powerful cocktail blenders. LOADS of crushed ice, the powder, and topped up with sparkly water - yum!

Hope everyone is ok, have a great day xxxx


please try again
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afternoon all
having a slow day today, struggling to get the water down last few days and ketostix say im dehydrated now
should have had a carer in this afternoon but she turned up loaded with a cold so had to send her away
and now am just back from docs as wee girls got a problem with her tube again
so cleaning never happened and i feel like im chasing the day

hope everyone else is having a good day
Hi, I've just spent two and a half hours trying to get my boy to bed, he's just 2. He's never slept through yet and the last two nights I've been so tired I've had him in the spare bed with me but wouldn't give in tonight so I'm feeling really rotten and mean, we had a cuddle and he smiled and laughted at me before he went to sleep but I'm on a huge guilt trip for making him stay in his own bed he cried so much he nearly puked.

Nearly gave in when he sobbed 'you are my sunshine, my only sunshine, you make me apppiiiii when skys are gweyyyyyyyyy never know dear ow much I looooveeee uuuuuuuu' bless, it's filling me up now xx

Hubbys out on the lash so hope he's not too bad when he gets in, he can't handle it any more hee hee.

Not too bad a day, woke up feeling terrible, I dreamt I cheated and took me a while to realise it was a dream. Managed 4 ltrs water so another day, another down.

hehehehehe :D

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