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**It's WEDNESDAY!! Let's take it hour by hour**

HIA! Grapey here, went to bed at 4pm and just woke up(4am). Needed to sleep off the arse end of the flu:D:D:D

My Weigh in was only to find out my start weight, but it also gave me the chance to see how much i'd lost over my 3 days prep, which was 2lbs (i'm REALLY happy with it) and it means that according to my scales i started SS at 12st 6.

My CDC has a black cat called darcy who always came for such a cuddle. He'd wrap himself around me, and when time came to get on the scales he's miaw and look at me like i'd offended him and circle the scales! The poor thing is dangerously ill, been taken to bristol to a feline centre to have all types of tests - bone marrow, blood, skin, organ samples....wasn't the same without him. Almost broke my heart....so everyone send warm thoughts to Darcy!

Right, i'm off to catch up with minis.
Good morning people..here's to a great day!
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have a 14 week old kitten who is the light of my life so she is sending good thoughts too.
What would we do without cats? I'm not allowed mine in my flat, so they are at my mothers. I go home and visit every week at least - my mam thinks it's to visit her where i'm actually off to see my lil Schumi and Alonso :)

Sleeping patterns are well weird arent they. Wish i was 12 years old again - go to bed at 9.30, and wake up at about 7.30 without fail...

Hope your asthma gets better soon!!
Never really seen you around these boards before, tell us a little about you , your stats and goals and stuff xxxx
Oooh welcome to minis! I'm an awful restarter, stuck to it for about 13/14 days at a time and then caved in (although in my defence i found i was allergic to theyeast in the soups and they were making me ill) so it's just the tetras and shakes for me!! I'm getting married next june, and want to be at goal before i try on any dresses.

Black belt? cor! My only "belt" was when my mother was 6 months pregnant with me she got her brown belt (then she had to quit cos i was a rather big baby)
Nice to meet you!

Leah xxxxx
At the bottom of your post you should see an "edit" button next to the quote one.
We are looking for a venue atm, i really dont want a registry office, and i refuse to get married in a church. We are looking for a castle or manor housein south east wales :) Small ceremony, nig reception :)

Good Morning!!:D

5 lbs down in the Spooky house this morning!!:D
Not bad seeing as I have mucked about this week:eek:

Have a meeting at the school this morning, so will prob get behind with drinking, but I am taking a litre and a half with me!:D
good morning gang. sorry to hear about your CDC's cat BG, hope they find out whats wrong and that they can treat the illness.

Ive got work this morning but should be home for 1ish. Then I really need to hit the ironing pile as it is completely taking over the dining room at the mo. Then got another appointment in the evening.

I was naughty last night and had a packet of crisps. I had to get petrol and it was a spur of the moment decision. Then when I got in the car I actually told myself Id better hurry up and eat them before i changed my mind..

So I need to be extra good today and drink lots of water.

Have a good day everyone
Well done Nicky, i KNEW you could do it!

SAM!! you bad bad girl! No more crips til target missy! If i can't have them, neither can you xxx
Morning All!

Before I started I kind of promised myself that I would stay of the scales until 7 days were up. Well I broke that promise and hopped on first thing this morning.

7lbs off in 2 days :eek: :D


Well done xxx


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Morning All!

Before I started I kind of promised myself that I would stay of the scales until 7 days were up. Well I broke that promise and hopped on first thing this morning.

7lbs off in 2 days :eek: :D
Fantastic Tim well done, just think what it will be when you offically weigh in on Monday :D

Morning everyone

Feeling a bit better today, I have posted on the hug thread ....but just a quick thank you to everyone. xx

I have had my 1st Gt and on the water, had a crap night but thats gone now. So its onwards now,

Good luck with any weighins today


posted some pics on my blog should anyone fancy a giggle xxx


Fed up of being fat
Morning everyone ...

Aw poor Darcy!! We want to get a cat but we are due to move over the next 3/4 months so we decided it would be best to hold off for now.

Well done on your 5lbs Spooky and well done Scotty on your 7lbs, cant wait to hear what it is in total by Monday?! Im trying not to weigh till I go to see my cdc but thats not for another couple of weeks ... not sure if I will be able to hold off that long but I'll see?

I had an ok day yesterday, no blips but didnt do too great on the water front, will make sure I do better today. Was absolutely shattered lastnight and went to bed at 9.30pm ... not like me at all, then I woke at midnight and couldnt get back to sleep till around 2ish ... then just as I was drifting off to sleep (please dont read the rest of this paragraph if you dont want to read about food) I could smell and taste a quarter pounder with cheese ... mainly the gherkin in it, my mouth was even watering, very strange feeling and I wasnt hungry obviously just a passing mind craze thing .... dont suppose anyone knows if we are allowed gherkins on 790?

Talking of weddings ... I think Im getting a bit marriage broody, like when you get baby broody ... always said Id never get married but lately my other half has been talking about it and would like to get married. Ive even been looking at dresses online and cakes etc ... Im sure it must be as Im getting older? I'd only want a small wedding not in a church or registry office and a big party afterwards. Hmmmmm ... anyway enough of that .. lol

Im still feeling very positive today, hope everyone else is and you all have a good day!!

PS. sorry for babbling on
Ohhh!! Get married!!!
Planning it is very fun xxx


Fed up of being fat
Oh yes the planning is what Id love and having my two little cherubs dressed up and doing their bit and seeing how excited they would be. Our 5 year old daughter asks me a lot when will we be getting married and can she be a bridesmaid, bless!! Few things to sort out in our lives first, get the finances a bit more straight and save, move home and get sorted etc .... who knows this time next year maybe I will be planning?? lol .... Im getting even more broody now!!
Can help with mine if you fancy :D


Fed up of being fat
lol bless thanks, although Id get even more broody I think. What date are you getting married?
Dunno yet. OH just doing some exams, then we decide on the venue. We're looking at june 08.
Looking at castles or manor houses xxx


Morning all - well done everyone on your losses!!! What a great positive way to start the day by reading them. I'm still ticking along but waiting for myself to crash and burn - hopefully I can stick at it this time tho!

Have great days everyone!


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