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It's Wednsday **lets Do It Hour By Hour**

Morning Maggie

You know where I am if you need me today...

I am another 3lbs down! happy about that, have a totm and obv last weekend was my birthday so I fell off the wagon slightly... will be a better week this week!


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S: 21st7lb C: 10st8lb G: 12st0lb BMI: 21.9 Loss: 10st13lb(50.83%)
Hi all not been around for couple of days working too hard.
Treating myself to a zero coke tonight today is day 100 of my CD journey .Well done on your loss 3lb is fab hun .Hope everyone is ok going back to work so keep glugging :tear_drop:xx


Finally...Life begins
G: 10st0lb
Morning all! Day 3 for me, and woke with a killer headache, feels like a hangover! Obv not drinking enough water and I think ketosis may be on its way as my daughter (3 yrs) got into bed with me and said " mummy.. your breath stinks!" so good signs - although not for her lol.

Day 3 is my hardest day, so off to see my cdc to discuss the tough love approach, then gonna wash my car, hopefully by then the craving may have subsided and ketosis will be in full attack!

Good Luck everyone for another slimmer day xx


Finally...Life begins
G: 10st0lb
ooohhh that was my 1001 post lol (im so easily pleased)
S: 20st7lb C: 11st7lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 25.2 Loss: 9st0lb(43.9%)
good morning all. well done on the 3lb nicky. Mags, dont worry about yesterday. today is a new day.

Mandy, congratulations on 100 days. your well over half way to goal now so in another 100 days you will be maintaining your weight!

Ajax, good luck with day 3. keep busy and stay strong.

Ive got a quick job to do this morning - well just collecting an order from someone I saw last week, then just one job this evening so another quiet day for me.


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S: 26st6lb G: 13st1lb
Morning everyone

Woke up feeling excited, silly I know, it's weigh in day today. Can't wait to see the numbers go down again and find out how much by. Feeling positive today, have had a coffee and 1/2 litre of water so far.
Hiya all and good morning to you,
I'm feeling blinkin knackered today - haven't slept very well at all and have meetings all day! grrrrrrrrr
Hope you all have a great day - speak laters
Saffy - just checked out your wedding photos.....you look gorgeous and I love that dress with the sexy front cut!!!
When did you get married? I'm getting married in August and just hope I look as lovely as you do.
You look really happy too - must've been a lovely day.


S: 15st2lb C: 13st0lb BMI: 28.5 Loss: 2st2lb(14.15%)
Good morning everyone! Am I glad yesterday is over! Was grumpy and tired all day, consequently wasn't on plan at all, although I was quite chuffed it didn't result in a full scale binge (and they say miracles don't happen huh!:))

Today is a new day, I bounced out of bed ready for a new day. One coffee down and onto my 1st litre already.

Spooky - well done on your loss this week!

Good luck to everyone who has weigh in's today!

Catch up with you all later!


Fed up of being fat
Morning all

Im back at it again today, after a blippy two days, have everything ready and I am not planning on messing about!!! Im still positive, I know I can do this and I hope everyone has a great day x
Morning all

Today is day one for me re starting after having a bug doing 790 so hope it all goes well.

Good luck everyone hope you all have a great day.

Good luck for your weigh in Andrea

Good Morning Everyone,

I've woken up with a fully blown cold, I feel dreadful...achy bones and banging head ache not to mention a sore throat bla bla bla (sorry to moan).

On the up side....today is my first weigh in of my restart/prep week and I've lost 9lbs which I'm thrilled about as I was 2 stone lighter this time round compared to when I did cd last year, plus I've been EATING...all low carb of course and was planned as I did prep week this time round. (just goes to show how much junk I was eating before hand eh?)

I'm not going soul source though, not yet anyway, I have planned to do Cambridge/Atkins for a week and see how I get on with my next weigh in. The idea is to eat very high in protein food and very low in carbs and have some tetras for vits. I must up my water though.

HM, you're right not to dwell, it gets us nowhere...new day today :D

Spooky, well done, 3lb down is great especially after having your birthday :D

Ajax, hope you feel better soon :(:D

Tansy, I totally agree, Saff looked fabulous on her wedding day, check out that smile, totally and utterly happy, and soooo beautiful, she is beautiful inside and out!!!

Missy, as always, we have to forget about our blips or they get out of hand, forget about it, pretend you didnt do it....a new day and all that..go for it :D

xx sj xx


MUST get a grip
Morning Morning
Well the suns shining here at London Heathrow (well for the time being anyway).... I'm on first half pack, no water as yet as I left in the car overnight and it was tooooooooo cold to drink!
Good luck Caress with your weight in today - I'll check up later and see how you got on!
SJ - sorry your feeling poorly hun - I'll check up later see how you feeling WELL DONE ON 9lbs down - same as me but I'm SS'ing xxx
This is day 10 for me and feeling more focussed as each day passes - thanks guyz, makes such a difference coming here xxx


likes posting.
sj hope you feel better soon, well done on losing 9 pounds thats fab.i hope everyone else is fine.Im sick of the rain I would rather have freezing dry days with the sun shinning.
morning ...........day1 today ..........one black coffee so far ...off todo some housework ....keep going everyone xx

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