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iv been a bad girl


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i couldnt take it any more last night i was craving meat i really needed a bit of meat so i took my mum to chicago rock cafe and had a burger, ididnt eat the bun i just ate the meat and a few onion rings but i did have a glass of water lol
i cant believe i did it but i really needed it, its been a pain this week becaseu its my totm and have hardly shifted anything alliv done since my last weigh in is about 2lbs i believe i have lsot inches but im peed off and want to cry and caved in and ate, now im really angry with myself, and i know i cant turn back the clock but i get weighed again oin wednesday and theres no way i can loose as much as i need to loose in that time :cry:
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Me too, i had the meal planned in as it was an ocaasion but aswell as the chicken salad, i ate the feta cheese and olives on the plate too. I also had too gin and tonics!!! Today is another day, you can't turn back the clock but you can choose what to do today, good look.

PS I know how you feel with the craving, this is my second week and i'm really stryggling, not sure how long i'll be able to keep this upxx
Well it is pointless beating yourself up about it now.

You didn't 'need' meat at all - your body doesn't 'need' meat - if it did then all the vegetarians in this country would be in big trouble.

Cambridge does work, if you stick to it. If you fall off the wagon, no it won't work.

Maybe you should write a list of all the reasons you are doing Cambridge - all the reasons you want to lose weight and then look at it every single day for motivation.


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Hiya, I ate on Thurs night and like you was feeling I 'Had' to lose a certain amount of weight each week and kept thinking about the big picture. I had a good long think and I've decided to ease up on myself. I'm going to forget targets, like 4st in first 3 months, and concentrate on each pound. All I have in my head now is 18st 3 because I'm 18 4 and that's all im interested in. I figure if I keep my head down, plod on then the bigger picture will take care of itself!


I can do this.
Hi C.Q splash is right... i too have been down because i ate, but now i'm going to consentrate on each lb i lose and not worry about losing 1st per month.
Hi peoples, don't get yourselves down about yesterday, what's done is done and today is a NEW day a NEW start to a NEW you!!!!!! Good luck girls xx
I've been bad this weekend as well. I've had allsorts. I've got a meal out with DH tomorrow night as well. I'm just going to have Chicken Tikka & salad though.

I've still had my shakes, but I've had more than my 790 meal :(

Still Monday is a new day & it will be 6 weeks till our hols, so back on track for me. I've really enjoyed the diet this time around though & don't feel so bad slipping.

I'll be back on here Monday, when I'm more motivated & rating to go.

Hayley x
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to be honest i agree with cute and quirky.think about it. ur on a diet because you want to lose weight.its not the easiest thing but its the quickest thing. ur only cheating ur self and slowing the process down. imagine how ud feel gettin on the scales and losing 2lbs wooo and all that but imagine if u hadnt have cheated and lost 6 lbs. at the end of the day its you. if you want fod ss isnt for you. it gets it off quick, its expensive and it works!!!stop cheating all!!!!!!!!!!!

soz to sound so harsh lol i think im trying to convince my self!
The problem is that picking leads to returning to the bad eating habits we had originally.

The idea of any diet is to change your eating habits altogether - no going back - no Friday night takeaway every week - everything has to change. That is why so many people lose loads of weight only to pile it all back on again. They haven't changed what got them overweight in the first place.

I was reading an article about Michelle McManus - the girl that Gillian McKeith took under her wing. Last year the newspapers and magazines were full of her size 16 photographs. This year she is as fat as she was when she started her healthy eating campaign. Even though she got a whole new tv career out of her appearing on the programme she has obviously gone back to all the drinking alcohol and eating takeaways that she lived on before. It is such a shame to see this happen.


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BUT we are all only human. It's very easy to say - 'just dont cheat' or 'dont go back to the way you ate before'. if it was that simple noone would have weight issues!!

Until we walk a mile in somones shoes.... and all that!

Milkybar - You havent failed or messed everything up. You had one slip and made the best of that situation by limiting what you did eat. Learn from it and move on. Try to remember CD has all the vits and mins you need so the meat and other food can wait until you are slim.
Try writing a list of food as you crave them. That list is then full of foods you'd like to reintroduce when you've got to your target weiht. These food arent 'off limits' - just 'on hold' until you've got to where you want to be!. :) HTH. :)
Hi guys,

I so hear what you are saying....I have been SSing for 2 weeks and into my 3rd week no without no cheating...but i have been finding it so hard.... i went to the gym today and did some cardio and went into the steam room but when i came home and made my oriental chilli soup.... i just couldnt eat it....the taste just wasnt agreeing with me.....so i had a roast chicken drumstick for dinner and lots of water.....i know it was bad :cry:but i needed it....im not totally plagued with guilt and i know i will keep it up but just needed to share it!!!
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I really craved for oranges the other day & as I said up there I have been bad this weekend.

But I've had everything BUT an orange!

This weekend has made me realise that I really need to sort my eating habits out & stop eating rubbish. It's the only way i am going to suceed on this diet.

I can't eat rubbish after I have lost the weight & I have got to get that through my head. I haven't eaten that badly but, I could have been better.

I realise now that I will get cravings & lots of them. I will not let the cravings beat me. I am overweight & hate it.

Now where is that pint of water ;)


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i booked a holiday yesterday and i fly on the 16th september, so i have set myself a goal, im off to cyprus for a week and have ordered myself a new bikini size 16, so thats it no more falling off the wagon im looking at the bigger picture now!


Wants to be a loser!
It sounds like you have drawn a line under the burger and moved on MB which is great and you have got a goal to work towards to keep you focused.

Bit of an aside really - but when I first started CD 4 months ago I was amazed at the strength of the cravings for all kinds of food I experienced in weeks 2 and 3. Of course I knew I was firmly in ketosis and had not cheated so I knew the cravings hunger I was feeling was not physical but mental/emotional. Even though I knew that I did not need the food physically as my CD packs were giving me everything that I needed the cravings were so strong they would last for 2-4 hours at a time :eek: so I can totally relate to you feeling like you had to have meat.

One of the reasons I chose to lose weight with CD SS was that I knew that one of the major factors in my weight gain over the years was that I am a comfort eater and I felt that cutting out food would give me a priceless opportunity to review, study and reset my relationship with food. Everytime I got an attack of "fake hunger", as I like to call it, I would lock myself in our study with a big bottle of water and pretty much sit and think/contemplate about how I was feeling and after a while I found that I was able to trace backwards from my desire for food to an emotion/feeling/worry. From there I was able to find alternative means to handle and process my emotions/feelings in a way that does not involve food. 4 months on I do still get the odd craving now and then but it is a fraction of the strength and I can usually brush it off quite quickly. I feel like I am almost re-wiring my brain.

I am not quite ready to move up the steps yet so at the moment who knows how well the work I have done with myself in the absence of food will work when I start re-introducing food again - however I do feel that I have learnt some valuable lessons that I hope will be useful in trying to maintain.

Sorry for the really long post - after re-reading it I think what I am trying to say is instead of a craving being somthing you have to resist/give into perhaps it can be viewed as an opportunity for you to explore your relationship with food for the greater good.

Really jealous about your holiday ;) I hope you have a fabulous time

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