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Iv been thinking....


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Since starting RTM- I have remained 100% with everything that I ate- except one thing. Sweets. They have been my weakness throughout the last 2 months and it was really starting to upset me.
I literally could not walk past a shop without grabbing a massive bag of haribo- pick and mix etc etc.
Luckily (god knows how) I didnt put any weigh on. I did however stay the same for 5 weeks. This was really bothering me as I had started RTM early with the intention to loose more.
Anyways I'm back on track now and havnt gone near any sweets for 2 weeks exactly :)
lol- I know this sounds daft but bear with me...
So anyways I was trying to work out what was going on- as I have never been that hungry (emotionally) for anything, especially anything sweet before- even way before LL.
So I had a think- and remembered that week 1 I was perfect- not a single problem- 3 packs, one meal. done.
Week 2- I started having coffee with sweetner, SF Jelly by the bucket load (not quite but alot lol) which is full of sweetners. I was also having 2 natural yogs a day- with added artificial sweetner... are you seeing a pattern?
Do you think its possible that my body has some sort of a thing with artificial sweetner- cos the more I was having it the more I needed it.
Since cutting it out I havnt had a single lapse in 2 weeks...
strange I think :)
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im in week 7 and having the same problems as you but mine is dried fruit. im craving it like mad. last week i put on 6 lbs. my councellor said it was my body filling its store up again, i was so upset trying really hard to loose it again this week. any ideas on how to get the weight back off


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I think sweet things can be addictive, particularly if you have been living off shakes rather than soups while in abstinence.

It could be emotional, those first few sweet things you ate were also the first solid things, so must have been extremely rewarding. You've possibly linked 'pleasure' with 'sweet taste'.

Perhaps change those associations? Either by rewarding yourself for eating healthy food that isn't sweet, or by making a negative association with sweets through imagery (as in Paul McKenna).

When you eat something savoury, try making a really big deal about enjoying it, and then do something pleasurable just afterwards so the emotions are linked.

Sorry if that sounds rambling, just finished an extra night shift without getting any sleep before hand, am a zombie today!!


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Hi Kellie, Jowray and toller-girl
OK! - warning! - big personal opinion coming up. I actually feel artificial sweetners are bad news. They seem very useful (cal free products and all that) BUT there are a lot of health warnings associated with these additives. Like many artificial additives I also think that sweetners fail to re-educate your need for sweet foods, telling you sub-conciously that sweet is ok (which it is in small quantities. Now here's the thing - I reckon if you have a sweet tooth, acknowledge it and monitor it. I have a bar of fun-size most days. It stops me feeling hard done by and I'm not putting all that rubbish into my system. I will stress that all the above is my personal opinion and strategy - I'm not preaching to anyone
Be happy and enjoy the sun :character00238:
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Do you think its possible that my body has some sort of a thing with artificial sweetner- cos the more I was having it the more I needed it.

Research backs this up. Something to do with inconsistencies in what the brain is telling you you are getting with what you are actually getting.

Evidently, using artificial sweeteners can lead to you eating more.

Now...personally, I think there's a place for artificial sweeteners in a structured calorie deficit diet, but preferably not when you are trying to eat what your body needs, ie 'intuitively'.

I avoid artificial sweeteners whenever possible.
I'm the same, I dislike the taste of artificial sweeteners and would rather have a few grains of real sugar than artificial sweetener but then I don't use sugar much at all anyway.

I have bought a couple of pots of sugar free jelly but I can't say I rushed home to eat them and the yoghurt I've had so far has been used to make chicken tikka and raita for my dinner last night.

I have slipped off the plan slightly though because I had 2 small glasses of wine last night. I did think it through properly first and made the decision in an adult state but I did really want them.

So I shall see the change on the scales next week. I am doing joint weeks 2/3 this week and 4/5 next week so I'm about a week and a half too early with the wine.

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